Thiepval 2006

Firstly - if anyone is going in 2005 please have the following in mind for potential intelligence gathering.

1st July 2006 will be the 90th anniversary of the opening of the main attack. In recent years the area has attracted incresing attention - and 2006 will be on a Saturday. Whether one of the last of the Old & Bold will be along I don't know, but I bet there will be a number of events.

The usual routine starts at 06:30 local (Bravo) with Last Post at Lochnagar Crater (usually Somme Battlefield Pipe Band, but one year it was a very-much-stirred Whiffler). Other memorials are done, the Thiepval (ministerial level aand/or above), and Newfoundland Park. Also a good gang from Ireland visiting the Ulster Tower. Sadly there are so many memorials and CWGC cemeteries in the area that your Regiment/Coprs or its antecedants will feature on one or more.

Given all of this, accommodation will be at a premium. Some Arrsers will be part of organised parties, but I wonder whether a disorganised party might be .. err ... organised.

I have some contacts in the area, and it should be possible to get an open area for parking/camping/drinking.

Obviously the logistics could be a nause, partlicularly for a disorganised/lazy slug such as I. Those with field Q experience could add to the following, but the basics would seem to be ...

Space for parking, tentage, cooking/camp fire ?.
Water supply
WC access
Possible power supply - this is where a reenactor with UK generating kit is good to know.

I wouldn't expect central cooking, but a serious barbie might be a goer if 'those that do' want to stay sober enough.

So, does the idea appeal ?. Arrival/departure can be whenever, Saturday is the main event but I would expect a Thursday-Tuesday spread at the site. Unfortunately there are some thieving scrotes in the area who target tourist vehicles, so we either stag on or hire some local scouts or suchlike.

One way or another I'm going, and how it all fits together depends on numbers giving fairly firm commitments. As any fule kno it's all chicken & egg. Or is it egg & chicken ?.
Again, can anyone going this year pm me with gen on next year ?. Ta.

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