Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Awol, Jul 25, 2005.

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  1. Ok you bas'tards, who has been nicking my posts and posting them as their own 'work' on U75?

    As has been discussed here, a certain Dr Evil (although not ours) purloined my thread half an hour after I posted it here. Thanks to a bit of help from Tricam, I have snooped around U75 and read some of the villain's posts. It is fairly obviously an Arrser and incidentally one who "shan't be having an ID card". Hmmmm..

    Anyone putting their hands up to it?
  2. Not me! I have enough bizarre thoughts without nicking yours! :D x
  3. Further involvement with this would require me to register on U75.

    My skin's crawling, I just can't let that filth infect my new shiny computer. Sorry.

  4. Not me I never last more than about 10 posts :D
  5. Oi, there's nothing bizarre about my thoughts. My plastic underwear, possibly...
  6. Just had a quick look on there. I'm not tempted to register. U75 is contra-indicated for high blood pressure.
  7. WTF is U75 and how do I get on to annoy toerags?