thief ordered to pay £166 for stealing 44p Bounty bar

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mikal, Sep 30, 2009.

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  1. Well I hope it tasted good.

    A shoplifter ended up paying £166 after stealing a 44p Bounty bar from a Carlisle store.

    Nicholas James Allan took the bar from Wilkinson’s, on Scotch Street, on September 15.

    Carlisle magistrates heard how an empty wrapper was found where he had been standing after he left without paying.

    Allan of South Henry Street, Carlisle, told the court that he had not eaten for three days and was so hungry that he ate the bar before leaving.

    He was having problems getting his benefit money but admitted the offence, which he said was stupid and apologised.

    Allan was fined £66, ordered to pay court costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £15.
  2. Now that's equality for ya! MPs, lords, bankers and company directors (among many others) blatantly screw the British taxpayers out of, literally, billions per year, but some sad, scummy skunk down on his heels gets blasted for a choccie bar.

    Way to go!

  3. Its totally wrong to steal , But to fine this guy £166 for stealing a 44p bounty bar is disgraceful . Why didnt the people at wilksons/benefits agency try and help this guy who had no food for three days .

  4. Fuck off and die Chubb. You steal oxygen every day. You owe it back to the world by killing yourself. At least then your festering fat corpse can give a little back.
  5. Serves the scrounging scum bag right, however as the waster is on benifit whats the point ,we pay in the end should have given him some usefull hard labour that would benifited the community
  6. And how do you know that this gentleman is not a veteran of the armed forces ,Just because the guy is on benefits does not make him a scrounging scum .
  7. Yes it does, Chubb. You are, QED you are scum.
  8. He can think himself lucky he is not in the middle east picking his nose with his wrist
  9. I'll stop you at the pertinent point.

    More like this please... 332% punishment for the price of the stolen item. More of this and we'll have less theft. And it can also be added to fraud ans the like, esp benefits fraud.

    It's not that long ago he'd have been singing "got to pick a pocket or two" as he went to the gallows.
  10. very on the ball there flashy, catching chubb a few minutes after her first post under a new name
  11. As flashy has said in the past it isn't hard now. It has a certain style that grates the back of your eyeballs like razor wire. I read its post and knew T_L_F wouldn't be far behind.

    On the point of "Not eaten for three days" I'll eat my own penis with a bum butter fricasee if yon Fella didn't have tabs, alcohol or drugs on him when arrested.
  12. And allow me to stop you at an even more pertinent point, Choccie_frog"

    Congratulations, fella! They've got you exactly where they want you to be. While you're nodding sagely and agreeing with devastating sentences like this, they're quietly laughing up their sleeves and pocketing, literally, billions stolen from UK taxpayers, without even thinking of any backlash. All thanks to naive folks like you.

    Carry on, fella.

  13. Is there anyone who isn't a wah who has managed to find the motivation to upload an avatar within their first 100 posts?
  14. Fully agree.

    But not with your maths :wink:
  15. So how much is he going to steal to pay the fine? Or to eat because all his money's gone on the fine?

    FFS, where's the point in fining someone who already has sod all? Jail time, community service, working for the shopekeeper to pay back the cost and loss of business, stagging on a street corner in an orange jumpsuit with teh word THIEF across the back - yep. Something tangible.

    Fining? What a bloody joke.