Thickest Officer?

Just reading the "thickest soldier" thread and can't help wondering who was the thickest most charmless tw*t of an officer you served under.

Any suggestions?




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I bumped a sticky of MDN's last week. Loads of threads are repeated needlessly a simple search found loads of Rupert threads an Arrsepedia post and loads of officer posts.
You really are a pathetic loser.

Aw bless, did he knock you back? How terrible, I'm sure you'll find someone in the Traf who will let you blub on their shoulder! :roll:
Is this the most stupid post ever made on the Internet? Answer: Yes, along with all the other crap posts that Jarrod has posted
Noting that you've been binned before and that ordinarily, as a rule, reincarnations are usually binned on sight, it might be best for you to play nicely.


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I like Thai Green Curry!
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