Thicker bit of the wedge?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 1stgulfmac, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. How much more will be needed to integrate a sector of our society or do they want to get away from us completely?BBC news
  2. For Fooks sake, it won't be long before they'll want to start giving it large from the Mosquw disco at 5 am. All in the name of inclusivness. It would'nt be so bad if they were in the majority.

    Does that mean i can get a busty, attractive blonde nurse and doctor to treat me? Hang on, they may be on to something here.....
  3. Whilst one muslim academic did call for this, another - Manchester University health expert Professor Aneez Esmail - said "going down the path of providing special services for defined groups risks stigmatisation and stereotyping."

    So the title of the article could just as easily have been

    Muslim Academic Refutes Claims for Faith Based Health Provision
  4. Sven

    In my many years in the Service, everywhere I went I was always told to respect the local customs, behave in a manner not designed to upset the locals, obey the local religious or other majority held beliefs etc. I am still working abroad and still following the same set of principles.

    My girlfriend is a local lass (21st Century Muslim i.e. not some barking mad letterbox lookalike talking sh1t from some 600 years ago) and her opinion is - why would they need different services? They don't in most Muslim countries and if they are that worried about it why don't they go to somewhere where they can, if the service provided is sooo bad.

    I agree that your alternative headline could have been "Muslim Academic Refutes Claims for Faith Based Health Provision". But it wasn't!

    I suspect pandering to the likes of Profesor Sheikh in this as in other small areas is simply starting to get up the hooters of the great majority of people - including a lot of Muslims who don't have any problems at all with the current system.
  5. If it happens I couldn't agree with You more - but I very much doubt that it will
  6. Ah, but that wouldn't fit the Beebs agenda. Nor, indeed, would many people want to read or hear about it, as it is not "provocative".

    The real reason this guy got airtime, is because the media operates on a supply and demand basis, not truth, whole truth and nothing but. As a result, their stories always reflect what they think people will want to read.

    As for the thread, every muslim I know (not that many, but more than 10), is generally embarrassed by this sort of news story. In their eyes, the thicker the "wedge" gets, the more people will dislike them.

    The media, and especially the long-haired Geoffrey types at the Beeb are helping to build that wedge by giving unwarranted airtime to unrepresentative activists.
  7. ...but surely still one of the great religions... :D


    Charles "Geranium" Windsor
  8. BSL - I couldn't agree more. Radicals in any place are to paraphrase Churchill people who won't change their minds or the subject. As an extremely bad catholic I equate muslim radicals with the Inquisition.

    Good God!!!!!

    A first for ARRSE - the last 5 posts all agree with each other! I'm off for a glass of finest Malt - because I'm worth it!! :D :D