thick people to be banned from shagging


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Court bans man with low IQ from having sex - Telegraph

'The 41 year-old had been in a relationship with a man whom he lived with and told officials “it would make me feel happy” for it to continue.
But his local council decided his “vigorous sex drive” was inappropriate and that with an IQ of 48 and a “moderate” learning disability, he did not understand what he was doing.

A psychiatrist involved in the case even tried to prevent the man being given sex education, on the grounds that it would leave him “confused”. '

not good news for the inhabitants of essex then... ;-P


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As long as he's the stooper rather than the stabber, I don't see why that need be a problem.

it's always better to give than to I've been told. :(
Considering that the sex he was seeking was with a man with whom he had lived, if he was confused then, he will be more confused now!

The judge said it requires an understanding and awareness of the “mechanics of the act”, “that there are health risks involved” and that sex between a man and a woman may lead to pregnancy.
He said that the psychiatrist thought Alan “believed that babies were delivered by a stork or found under a bush”, and that “sex could give you spots or measles”.
On that basis the judge ruled that Alan did not have the capacity to consent to sex, but also ordered that the council should provide him with sex education “in the hope that he thereby gains that capacity”.
“believed that babies were delivered by a stork or found under a bush”.

As opposed to the retarded dolies downstairs who consider kids to be a godsend, as they get more money.
This is actually a very foolish policy - during a time of austerity and cuts to services, a team of care workers will be deployed to forcibly restrict this bloke's sex life to the occasional Sherman. They should be setting up lonely hearts clubs to pair off their surplus mongs with any public-spirited sodomite willing to provide them with food and lodging.
“believed that babies were delivered by a stork

The man is a complete fool. We all know that the woman swallows it, then it grows big and one day pops out fully dressed.
FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK I have enough trouble as it is if i can't bang random spastics I'll never get any
I fink me on dat lisst. Am a proopar mong..


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