Thick head in the morning?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by EX_STAB, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. I really shouldn't have had that whisky.

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  2. I should have gone home earlier

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  3. It was the Creme de Menthe that did it.

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  4. I'm never drinking scrumpy again.

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  5. I feel fine, really.

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  6. Teetotal me!

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  7. Hair of the dog called for!

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  1. What are you doing with a thick head this morning after a big night out on the pop?

    I'm taking Mrs. Ex STAB rowing..... :cry:
  2. Wow, i actually had a Creme De Menthe last night, albeit with a baileys and some red wine mixed in, mmmmm, thanks for the sending away present boys of Brierly Hill!
  3. I'm answering your poll

  4. I usually row in the privacy of my own home.
  5. How bigs your swimming pool?
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Was on the Wiesbier last night with a whisky* chaser.Then Miss spike dragged me out of bed at 0730Hrs to go shopping! (She likes to get to Asda before the rush starts)

    Grants Sherry Cask-very smooth to drink neat!Highly recommend it!
  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I vote that I am fine - but the alkywhole has not worn off yet and it is soon time to go back for a top up!

    If you still have a thick head, give it a few shakes. When the white stuff comes out the swelling usually goes away for a while.
  8. Not as big as the wife.
  9. Good to see that mil and ex-mil types still firmly believe that hairy dogs are the best cure for that morning after feeling.

    Now here's my 1500 I have to meet my mate (accuntant - not mis-spelled) to go over my tax return that I want to get in asap, like on line this afternoon. Now, if I hit the hairy dog at 1200 hrs (as every fibre in my alcyhole ridden body is egging me on to do) the several K that I estimate the taxman owes me could very well turn in to me owing him my car, house, dog (where the fcuk did that come from?) and missus (what??? how much did I have to drink?). So, do I suffer in silence until Pete turns up and do things properly or do I do things in traditional post-booze, hung over to fcuk, cokced up fashion, hit the sauce at 1200 and trust good old lady luck????

    Answers on a post-card please.........
  10. A mug of coffee, Nurofen laid monging it watching soccer am. i find that my sat morning fix of helen chamberlain soon sorts me out.
  11. bacon and runny egg sarnie,with ketchup and four mugs of tea! Should start feeling on top of the world soon...i hope! Am i alone in not giving a flying feck that Wills has dumped hs bird? Why is it the top news story?
  12. Just had a bacon sarnie, two cups of tea and I'm now back to normal (ish).

    The groundbreaking news this morning, that someone has dumped his not that unattractive munter has left me asking myself "Do I give a fcuk?'

    And I can truthfully answer that I don't.
  13. But who's going to be our queen???


    [this post was brought to you by 'another reason not to mix painkillers and whiskey]
  14. Not me.

    No doubt the SCUM will tell us when they're ready.
  15. I've got a hangover after having a few sherberts with a Coldstream Guards Officer last night.

    The hangover I can handle. The constant ridiculing over the whole Cornwall debacle and Navy v Fijian 'B' Team in a few weeks I couldn't.

    So I cut and ran to the hills as fast as I could :D

    Bloody Pongos...