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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Fatbadge, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. Sorry! Winter nights are drawing in. Boredom reigns supreme.

    If you put keywords into the search engine there, it will give you the opportunity to choose, for example:

    I have done it for 'Pornographic Hamster'

    I am now devising a way to get it mentioned.... and therefore for it to appear in the search engine...

    I reckon I can get a conservative to say it.

    About Tony Blair.
  2. how about trying the words - MP's, performance, related and pay.

    Never bloody happen. They'd be beggared within a month.
  3. AND they've just asked for a 66% pay rise ...

    Words fail me
  4. Valks,

    Might I also congratulate you on 100 posts in your first 2 days on Arrse.
  5. How Jessica Morden (My MP) voted on key issues since 2001:

    * Very strongly for introducing a smoking ban.
    * Very strongly for introducing ID cards.
    * Very strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism laws.
    * Very strongly against investigating the Iraq war

    Great. A New Labour fanatic that'll do anything Tony says. Fecking brilliant.

    Did I mention i'm a smoker?
  6. Then allow me.


    Think that about sums it up.

    Thanks for the congrats .... where's the bunting and balloons?

    100 posts in 2 days? That has to be a world record surely? Anyone dug Norris up to tell him?
  7. Well, 2 an hour for 48 hours would make 96. However I assume you're not working round the clock, so you are a busy little bee aren't you?

    Anyway, as for:

    I couldn't agree more
  8. It turns out I might quite like my one ........ I'm shocked !!! What's next a payrise at work?!

    Very strongly against introducing a smoking ban.
    Quite strongly against introducing ID cards.
    Moderately against Labour's anti-terrorism laws.
    Very strongly for investigating the Iraq war.
  9. Is he a Tory per chance?
  10. Yep, hence the words - might quite like, if he has Labour there'd be no chance of that !!
  11. I think the term is 'Post Wh0re.'

    However, I'm endeavouring to slow down before I earn a reputation for myself. Another migraine like this mornings should do the trick quite nicely. Work is slow atm ... so slow as to be non existent. I'm bored sh1tless.
  12. Or indeed 'Attention Whore'.
  13. oi TT leave Valks alone,she's providing hours of entertainment for those on the sick! Carry on that woman!!!!
  14. Mine costs the tax payer twice as much a bliar (144K) - feckin disgraceful - I shall be writing to him to ask just what exactly his 76K on staff goes, and can I have a job :roll:
  15. Thank you for valiantly sallying forth to defend my honour bigbird, but I must address this myself. There is a fine and blurry line between simple post whore and gagging attention whore.

    If I were an attention whore, and this board being what it is, then I'd simply have posted my pic and a big sign saying "Going free to a big bone". It would have been saved a lot of time and effort all round.

    As it is, I've come along, cracked a few gags and made a few folk giggle. Yeah so I post a lot, I've already said I will try and cut back on my enthusiasm and not clutter the place with knitting patterns and tampon wrappers.

    Of course there is another solution Tartan, just don't read my posts.