They've taken them!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tiny_lewis, May 21, 2011.

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  1. Kate and Gerry McCann have disappeared!!They were still here at 0900 this morning, but now I can't find them!

    I left them alone on a thread, went out with friends to a school fete, and NOW THEY'VE GONE!!!!

    WHERE ARE THEY? THEY have taken them!!!
  2. Yep they have gone, and I have only been away for a few minutes, and no more than 50 metres away....
  3. According to my emails, they were last seen at around 14:00. I last saw them before I went on the piss. Funny thing is, the other two threads I left here are still here.
  4. I feel the need for a holida... investigative trip to Florida. It was reported by someones cousin's friend that it was seen there. Gonny give me some money?
  5. Its not accidentally fallen into the hole either..... disappeared completely, including all posts and likes.
  6. If only we had a specially trained hound that could sniff out these things?
  7. Someone must have gone too far with their posts. It was either the racist stuff about that journo or that stuff tiny_lewis came out with. Sick bastard.
  8. Quick, contact Max Clifford and set up a fund-raising programme so that a .........errrm........professional search can be made.

    .........and also to cover minor expenses associated with
  9. So the opinions of the McCanns in "they've Taken them" and our opinions of "yes you have" have won again !
  10. Let this be a lesson to you all. NEVER fcuk off down the pub and leave a thread unattended.
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  11. Right, I'm not leaving here, not until I have found them... well, I need to fuck off in a minute to start a fund, the "Find My Addy" fund, which goal is to find where the thread address is, and provide support including financial assistance to me. Remember, there is no evidence the thread has been deleted. Find My Addy!
  12. There's some roadworks nearby, just off to check
  13. Check Zero_Over's cellar - the whole family might have been reunited.
  14. There was a local attention seeking loner hanging around the thread earlier; perhaps he should be locked up?
  15. I saw a creepy looking fella hanging about while i was having my dinner

    looked something like this:

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