Theyve Beamed Up Scotty...

James Doohan aka Montgomery Scott, Chief Engineer of the Star Ship Enterprise has passed away..victim of complications due to Alzheimers..

enjoyed watching him entertain as the quintessential engine room master coaxing that little bit more out of the beast, jury rigging the ' pipes' just in time to save the day..and downing the Saurian Brandy in the best tradition of those who worked ' down below '..

" Cap'n! I cannie give ya Warp 8..she's gonna blow!.."
" Scotty, then give me Warp 9. "
" Right, Sir..It'll take a minute.. . I'll have to crack a dilithium crystal tae do it, though. "

Best accolade an actor can get is to have connected with the public with a memorable character that stays in the imagination...
Surprisingly it's been five hours between my hearing of his death and seeing the first "beamed up" headline. The pun-meisters are slacking.

BTW Apparently Kirk never said "Beam me up Scotty", he alwys said "Mr Scott".

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