They're Out To Get Us!!

Trust the Boffins [ or maybe not..]

Thomas Gruter has analysed conspiracy theories and come up with a way to build your own.. There are nine steps and, in a pared down form [ NOTE TO CONSPIRACY NUTS - Yes.. we're leaving somethings out..Say "AHA!".. now ]..

1] Doubt that anything in the world happens by chance

2] Take seemingly unrelated events and give them new meaning

3] Name an enemy

4] Expose evil intentions, the more common the better.

5] Discredit authorities, politicians and officials as stupid or in the pay of the enemy

6] establish a club of perpetrators and cite it as proof of your theory

7] Shield yourself from detractors

8] Issue warnings of looming evil acts

9] Call for people to be alert and for financial help

Hey... wait a minute... this sounds just like Bush/Blair on Iraq!!!

Damn!.. trust no one...

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