"They're going to put y'all back in chains."

Discussion in 'US' started by alib, Aug 15, 2012.

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  1. On Politico Romney camp wants Obama to denounce Biden's 'slanderous' remark
    I can understand why Mitt is upset. There nothing in the Romney-Ryan plan about re-introducing chattel slavery... that's more of a second term kind of thing.

    Biden is of course being metaphorical in the most fear-mongering hysterical sort of way. The resort to racially tinged Dixie speak is a nice rabble rousing touch. Not much hopey-changey on display, it really does rival Rove's magnificently dirty 04 campaign.
  2. Tbf what sort of fuckwit would think cutting regualtion on wallstreet would be a good idea considering it worked so well last time?
  3. Slavery on the other hand was a great success.
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  4. CplFoodspoiler

    CplFoodspoiler War Hero Book Reviewer

    As you said alib it is a metaphorical reference. Let Wall St make it's own rules ffs that is akin to putting the lunatics in charge of the asylum.
  5. I thought most of the Gibson's in the US were in chains?
  6. Mittens in response tells Barry "take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago." and "This is what an angry and desperate presidency looks like,".

    Team Barry came back all in Mitts face describing his comments as "unhinged, and particularly strange coming at a time when he's pouring tens of millions of dollars into negative ads that are demonstrably false.".

    Nasty Chicago dirt people, no play nice.
  7. It worked great for the politicians who collected untold millions in bribes, sorry, campaign contributions, from the *******.
  8. Aye Clinton's Bank de-regulation has a lot to answer for, oh I know Speaker Gingrich and his Republican Congressional majority eased it through though the Senate passed it 90-8 - so the vast majority of Dems voted for it.
    Then we have that shyster the disgraced former Senator Dodd (D) (who, sadly, lives just round the corner from me) whose nefarious activities in the mortgage sector contributed in no small way to its implosion.

    Biden is probably Romney's best friend right now, if I was Obama I'd muzzle the fool. Now when it comes to negative campaign ads neither side has a monopoly, one of Obama's ads had a guy claiming his wife died of cancer as a result of Romney closing the factory he worked in causing him to lose his medical benefits. Turned out the poor woman had cancer way before the plant closed and she had her own medical insurance! Taqiyya!

    Ryan's proposed cuts to medicare? Obama got there first - he's already cut $500,000,000. from its budget!

    I don't particularly want a return to deregulated banking and think there should be more effective oversight of Wall Street especially in the shady world of commodities trading. I certainly don't want a return to equal opportunity mortgages either! I just hate all the bloody lies!
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  9. If you look at it in detail those are cuts on the provider side, AKA savings. Ryan also had something similar in his plan, Mitt has just said he ain't doing that which is going to whoop up the bill for his version.

    Barry did make a very poor bargain with big health providers in the US, he should have been threatening them with a big regulatory stick. All he managed to get was a slightly slower acceleration in profit margins from a pampered industry that was already gouging consumers as hard as it could.

    I actual work for Big Pharma and we were quite pleased with the deal, the industry was quite fearful that DC would finally show the sort of cojones most other developed countries have always had. If I was a US senior I'd be hoping mad at the lack of will to tackle the main source of the crazy rate of health care inflation in the US. Mitt shows almost sign of tinkering with the holy works of market forces and so we'll retain our license to gouge away at undefended US consumers.
  10. Well Team Obamao did have the commercial which is playing now in Cleveland where a Steel worker (Joe Soptic) accuses Romney of killing his wife, Except

    Romney wasnt at Bain when this guy was laid off in 2001.

    Soptic had another job with Health Insurance
    Soptics wife had her own Job with her own Health Insurance
    Soptics wife died in 2006. she went into the hospital for Pnuemonia and is discoovered to have advanced Cancer dies within 16 days

    And the ludicris denials

    Debbie Wassermann Schultz claims she doesnt know the political Affiliation of the PAC and its Head.

    Except, the head is Bill Burton, Longtime Obamao spokesman for the campaign who resigned someone Debbie Wassermann Schultz has met hundreds of times

    And the Whitehouse has had phone conversations with the PAC and Soptic on several occassions and knew he accusation was false back in May.

    Meanwhile Obamao and the White House are like the guy who sharted in an elevator "Who Me?" they know nothing, they see Nothing....
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  11. Essex, Connecticut. Connecticut Valley Railroad? Excellent day out especially in the fall - take the lunch train, in the summer take the dinner train. Afterwards try Oliver's Tavern, the upstairs bar was taken from the Chicago hotel where Al Capone used to hang out, and the beer's good - as are the burgers!

    Oh? That's not what you meant?
  12. CaseyJones.jpg
  13. It's the classic neoliberal approach: the way to cure lung cancer, is to smoke more!
  14. Oh I know, naughty Chicago low tricks. Where is Rove when Mitt plainly needs him?