They're Closing The Beach.

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by The_Snail, Jul 20, 2011.

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  1. Had a look, but couldn't see anything on this Forum already:

    Cambridge News | Latest News Headlines From Cambridge City & Cambridgeshire | National News By Cambridge News | Waterbeach military base to close

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  2. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    F*cking Defence Estates gits going for the quick profit.

    NO-ONE in the Sapper CoC from EinC downwards had been warned off that this was coming.

    When will these c*nts learn that there are real people involved here.
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  3. Mega bucks involved here, with being so close to London and on the edge of Cambridge. Bang goes any money being spent on camp, expect **** all to get repaired so the accommodation, which already isn't that great, is just going to fall apart.
    Interesting that the Cambridge Evening News mentioned Bassingbourne. I had a conversation about Waterbeach being closed down a few months ago and the other guy mentioned Bassigbourne because of the airfield etc. ATR (B) is due to move somewhere so this would tie in. The will be the death of the Taps then, and a fair few locals made unemployed. Some of the staff there have worked on camp for over 25 years.
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  4. Not too sure about that - I think **** all will be spent until about 2 months before it is closed then the budget 'might as well be used up' it will be refurbished and painted...

    ...and then demolished!
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  5. Hmmm. There's room for a lot of houses on that site. Prospective TA recruits. Could be a good place to build a super TAC along with the improved training facilities that've been promised...

    Sorry, but one man's loss is another man's gain. :eye:
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  6. Have you been there recently?

    I can only hope that they make The Deathstar into "Fancy Flats" and flog them on.

    Isn't the Offrs' Mess a listed building though?

    People are probably more worried about the airfield and the (bastard - yes I've done a bit of so-called character building on it) lake. If you read some of the comments on the website, it used to be an RAF airfield. During quite a few of my stints as ROO and visiting the Ammo Dump - there is quite a bit of heritage out there. It would be a shame to just plough it all down just to build shitty houses on there that won't get sold - just like the ones they have built to the left of the front gate. Or mebbe they'll just "update" the quarters there and flog them off, like they did to Catterick.

    Anyhoo, I only go back as a "guest of" now. It's still a shame though.
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  7. Oh, and what about the Museum at the Front Gate?

    More heritage, young man.

    I'll bugger off out of your Forum now, just thought you would like to know.
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  8. Which has just been taken over by an ex-planty! :|
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  9. BBC
    Waterbeach Barracks to close and make way for housing
    Waterbeach Barracks is home to 39 Engineer Regiment and about 1,000 troops

    An Army barracks in Cambridgeshire is to close to make way for housing as part of Ministry of Defence (MoD) cuts.

    Waterbeach Barracks, north of Cambridge, will close by the year 2015, Defence Secretary Liam Fox has announced.

    County councillor James Hockney said the closure was a shock as people were not aware it was under threat.

    But Bassingbourn Barracks, an Army training base near Royston, will expand from 2016, Mr Fox said.

    Speaking about Waterbeach, Mr Hockney said: "We've been taken aback by this news.
    'Duty to campaign'

    "The barracks has been an important part of our community since World War Two."

    The councillor is to make contact with the local MP Conservative Jim Paice to begin a campaign to save it.

    "Our first step is a campaign to save the barracks as the Engineer Regiment does a fantastic job for the country," he said.

    BBC News - Waterbeach Barracks to close and make way for housing
  10. does anyone else find it a bit sus that they chose to announce all of this when everyones attention is on news international? As it was previously said in a leaked memo....'this would be a good week to announce bad news..'
  11. The taps will get plenty of customers when the new housing gets built, plus all the workmen that will be at the beach over the coming years.
    The way the patch is at the moment, most of the new houses will fall down due to subsidence.
  12. no beer then just PIES!!!! ;-)