They're at it again. Gays in the U.S. military that is.

The Pentagon has just released an analysis of gays being perfectly adaptable to modern army, and/or combat operations.

Sorry, I live in the States now, and take my news from there.

The only memory I have of this is when my Regiment might very suddenly post someone far away (you know to some admin MOD centre no one had ever heard of before). Those individuals must have liked it there, because they never came back! :)

Anyway, the Pentagon report says that 70% of the US military say they have no worries about openly gay soldiers serving with them.
Despite the Democrats desperation to fling poofs into the U.S. military, DADT isn't going to be repealed.

I can assume that this isn't a de rigeur type of post.

Oh well, at least Mandelsen didn't become Minister of Defence.

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