They Will Let Anyone In !!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HHH, Jun 29, 2011.

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  1. HHH

    HHH LE

  2. This is the guy who had been banned from entering the country,but managed to walk through Heathrow,past our shit hot Border Agency,who have the cheek to be on strike tomorrow,I'm impressed...Not. :-(

    It's also reckoned that Ed isn't going to mention it in Parliament,because he already knows what the reply will be from CMD, "Your MP's invited him to speak over here",killer.
  3. The simpering Yvette Cooper, more properly known as Ed Balls's 'bit of stuff', had the gall to call the current government 'incompetent'! This coming after thirteen years of masterful incompetence by the twin twerps Blair and Brown.
  4. In May, I was working with a couple of Yanks who flew over Aer Lingus. When I met them at Glasgow airport they asked me if it was normal not to have passports checked in the UK. They couldn't find anyone at Dublin to check their passports and no one checked them at Glasgow. Try and get into a US airport without at least giving your fingerprints and baring your soul, even if you are in transit.
  5. I've always had my doubts about our marvellous new immigration system, but we received a piece of direction from the UKBA that gave pause for thought rather than just the usual exasperated venting.

    Apparently, Tier 4 Sponsors now have a duty to report to the UKBA all instances where a visa has been refused. I'll say that again, in case anyone missed it - we're to report the the UKBA what the outcome of a visa application has been.

    Leaving aside the fact that the UKBA don't tell us that an individual visa application has been refused (Data Protection, mate. More than my job's worth) and that students are not always going to be in the mood to share after an outcome like that, I'd really like someone to explain to simple old me why they don't already know.
  6. After ten years of applying to the same Embassy for twenty-odd repeat visas for Mrs 4(T), we'd assumed they knew our life histories inside out and back to front. But oh no - every application still took an exasperating length of time to process because "nothing is held on the system". Quite apart from (lack of) national security considerations, as a taxpayer I'd like to know why the fnuck no part of government appears to be held to account for any sort of performance criteria....
  7. At least the UKBA are there to greet us as we arrive at Brize Norton from deployments. And the buggers check passports to make sure that we are who we say we are after flying 7000 miles on Crab air or MOD chartered aircraft.
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