"they were dressed for the Milan catwalk"

From the Telegraph 'Sinn Fein are yesterday's men' By Olga Craig
Monday night's riots were initially sparked off when a peaceful sit-down protest at the routing of the Orange parade (now rebranded Orangefest in an appeal to tourists) on a road adjoining Ardoyne, was infiltrated by hardliners, keen to exploit the unrest. By early evening, mobs of youths, goaded on by teenage girls – who had dressed up for the occasion and who cheered every violent act – began burning cars and stoning the police officers who had earlier escorted the parade. Desperate to impress the girls, they dared each other to create yet more havoc – their violence becoming a macabre mating ritual.

Fuelled by cheap cider, a wave of mass hysteria swept across the enclave. Carrying hurling sticks and crowbars, they congregated in alleyways, painstakingly learning how to make Molotov cocktails from their new mentors who cynically exploited their youthful hubris.

One, neglecting to stuff a rag into the neck of the petrol-filled bottle, simply struck his lighter and set his hand ablaze. Another, who had been chanting: "SS RUC" for more than an hour, asked: "Who are the SS?"

For hours they threw bricks and flaming bottles at the police dressed in full riot gear. "This is the sort of stuff my grandad did," one crowed. "Sure, he wrote out the recipe for the cocktails for me. He told me it was OK to riot as long as I didn't get arrested." Two streets away, his mother Siobhan, 42, wept as she watched her son, unable to persuade him to come home. "When I was wee, our house was always being raided by the Brits and the police because my da' was always rioting," she cried. "Now my son is bringing the same trouble to my door."

As the mob rampaged through the streets, veteran IRA men, their admonishments falling on deaf ears, could only shake their heads in despair. While they had caused death and destruction with "an ArmaLite in one hand and a ballet box in the other," their grandsons were learning early lessons of conflict. This time with home-made bombs in one hand and a mobile phone, with which to photograph their antics and post them on YouTube, in the other.

For local parish priest, Father Gary Donegan, Tuesday and Wednesday nights were the worst. On each he made four visits to Ardoyne trying to quell the riots. "It was like a Disney theme park for rioting children," he said despairingly. "It was recreational rioting with a sinister edge. They were hamming it up for the girls. And they looked like they were dressed for the Milan catwalk."
Teenage girls tarted up and out at the rioting must be an Irish Priests nightmare, they are meant to be at home and with child. Mass girlie rioting was also a feature of the last big Orange ruck in 05, it seems to have crossed the culture barrier. The RUC would not have been so gentle with the lot of them.

Over on Slugger something arty “Zeal for Your House Will Consume Me”

Has a bit of a Renaissance feel, this photograph does, along the lines of Christ Driving the Traders from the Temple, the framed moment of violence and the expressions of the surrounding people captured in a frozen instance. Photo by Charles McQuillan
Great series of pictures incidentally.

SF are scandalized that some of the "Concerned Residents" were not local. This is a little rich, they made rather a habit of bringing in their own knuckle dragging tourists to such events, perhaps not from so far a field though.

From the Irish Times Summoned by text to the Ardoyne riots
THE attempts of the PSNI and the Garda to identify those from the Republic who were at the Ardoyne riots will focus on the group Éirígí. (Gardaí believe some of the rioters may also be members of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement, essentially made up of hard-line republicans opposed to the peace process and with links to the Real IRA.)

Eirígí was formed as a campaigns group in April 2006, to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the Easter Rising. It became a political party in 2007, opposed to British presence in the North. It also supports “the creation of a new all-Ireland Democratic Socialist Republic”.

It is a relatively small group, with a membership concentrated in Dublin, as well as a smaller presence in other counties, including Antrim, Armagh, Cork, Donegal, Down, Fermanagh, Sligo, Tyrone and Wicklow.

It has a policy of becoming involved in high-profile protests, many of which result in clashes with gardaí. In Mayo, for example, its members went to protests by the Shell to Sea campaign. Éirígí members also clashed with gardaí outside the Dáil in May during the right-to-work protest.

The group confirms that some members were in Ardoyne over the past week.
The power structures of SF are falling apart, can't even control their own turf. Old PIRA monsters like Storey getting dissed in the street by kids.

I'm in two minds about this, part of me welcomes PIRA's brutally enforced authority waning but it's a keystone of SF's power and the current relative peace. The cocky spide in the Man U scarf refusing to take lip from "Big Bob" is no Freestater from what I can hear. It's probably all no more political for him than crapping on the carpet when on the rob. Suspect he will be having the traditional problems with their extremities shortly but others are watching unafraid. Sensing weakness, just as the ConDems prepare to take a hatchet to the 6C's "old eastern bloc" economy the appeal of the Green Book's deranged quest for a 32 county socialist Ireland will be rising fast.
Break out the dick guns and the duracells

Deleted 20555

In good old South Africa the police are still fond of a whiff of birdshot when people start throwing things - very old school -should be tried in this circumstance as well.
They're chavs, doing what chavs do. It's not political.
A Spidethon yes but for PIRA's head of intelligence and for other abused SF landed gentry I think it's very political and Chuckie politics can be lethal.

SF/PIRA have now got the Long Rifles of CIRA/RIRA nipping at their ankles on their own core territories. With the great discontentment of 2016 fast approaching there's a danger more of their base will peel off to the opposition. They also know that a lot of their foot soldiers started out lobbing Molotovs at the RUC largely for sport, such likely lads have their uses. PIRA are beginning to look like The Stickies in the early 70s, easy prey for more motivated men.
Giggle, giggle...... Oh what fun.
Sorry lads but I'm to old for snatch squads, F**k um. Pull out. save billions and let Ulster become the Haiti of Europe

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