They really are turning into animals

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by VarSity, Jul 18, 2008.

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  2. Break out the Zyclon B and wait for the hand wringing lefty liberals to come out saying 'it's not their fault, it's society's' :roll:
  3. Rabies jab?
  4. It's a good job that the sentences handed down by the criminal justice system are an effective deterrent, otherwise where would we be........
  5. i'll put money on... "let off with a caution".
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Whatever happened to the cop-kosh then? Why didn't they just batter the cnut out of as many of them as possible?
  7. "Two men, aged 34 and 38 and both from South Norwood, were held on suspicion of assault and violent disorder"

  8. The thing is, most people - including groups of youths - are polite and courteous. I was on duty in croydon on an attatchment (noty my usual area) and hardly had a cross word with anyone when out patrolling on foot. I told one young lad (in a group) not to ride his bike in the pedestrian area and he was all "yes officer, no officer, sorry officer."
  9. So people obey the police when they're out patrolling on foot? Don't tell Jacqui Smith for gawds sake, or they'll all be out there...
  10. Granted this isnt the norm, but who takes a bite out of a cop?! (You might catch something!)
  11. Those'd be the policemen. Guilty of assaulting the little bastards' teeth with their wrists.
  12. wait.... THORTON HEATH IS A TOWN?!??!?!?! i thought it was just a big hole filled with 'commoners'. Im 16 and I live in Brixton in london, also known as rasta-city. Iv been through one of the worst schools in the borough and i know that all these kids think they are untouchable. what they need is a decent smack round the f*cking chops
  13. I do have some pals who work Croydon - and they do say its like WW3 sometimes. When I was doing that aid shift over there a PSCO was posted with me to point out the usual characters. (that's something that PCSOs are good at to be honest) - It was crawling with "nominals."

    I was merely pointing out that whilst areas do, sometimes, seem to be "run" by little turds most people, most young people, still respect the police and other people and are still generally decent.
  14. A friend of mines grandmother lives in Thornton Heath, and she feels barricaded in her own house. and she has a whole barrage of locks and bolts plus closed circuit TV. She is too scared to go out to the shops, and relies of friends to bring her the necessaries, and they have to phone first to arrange a specific time to call etc.

    Last week a couple of scrotes climbed over the fence separating her property from the one next door, and destroyed most of the plants and ornaments round her garden pond. They had been trying to attack the resident of that property in a drugs deal gone wrong. Police say there is not much they can do unless they actually catch them in the act, and they have much higher priorities.
  15. I'm afraid I shall have to complain to the Mods; this Thread is a disgraceful animals! 8O :lol:

    I've long believed that the UK should have it's own version of the French CRS/RAID; the biggest, ugliest, hardest b@stards you could find in full riot gear. A fully armed, paramilitary force. 8)

    This Force would not be used for "Community Policing". Instead, they would be the Law Enforcement equivelent of Shock and Awe. They would add much needed "muscle" to the regular police. And, after a relatively short period of time, the scum would understand that attacking police officers or law abiding members of society would result in a swift trip to the local A&E - or the Morgue. :twisted:

    Time we took a step backward to old school police work:

    "It's gang warfare, son. And we're the biggest gang." :twisted: