They must be getting desparate.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stabradop, Jul 24, 2010.

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  1. How dumb do they think. or know that I am? Got this email

    Benin Rep. Diplomatic Delivery Service,
    26 International Airport Road

    CODE NUMBER: 0140479


    This diplomatic delivery company has a consignment to be delivered to you, this consignment is a box containing $12.2 million U.S. Dollars.

    You might be wondering the source of this money, the money is a contract released fund from the Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS), get back to us for more details on delivery will be communicated to you after you must have reconfirmed your delivery address for security purposes.

    Furthermore, you are required to reconfirm the following information below,


    Further details concerning delivery will be given upon reconfirmation of address.


    Mr. Ibe Aguma
    Head Diplomat,
    Benin Rep. Diplomatic Delivery Service,
    Benin Republic.
  2. What if he is telling the truth ?
  3. Thanks, I play with these clowns. Do you mind?
  4. Do they take cheques?
  5. I have a new daughter,

  6. Nana??????? thats what I used to call my gran? Not much imagination in that e mail?? they could learn a lot from the Nigerians!
  7. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I think they are barking up the wrong tree with these emails. Rather than sending 'thank you for your caring thoughts Dad/Nana' and all this praise god crap, if they sent loads of links to free porn they would have shit loads more mugs paying up. Free grot with the 'promise' of more always works a charm...
  8. She wants me to reply before Monday, pity my email autoresponder just flicked out that I'm away until Tuesday, I'll try for a picture next.
  9. What time is it?
  10. Crikey, this is very good for 'lad speak'; the English and grammar is pretty good and it's not all typed in capitals. But it's still very much 'on script', so you've not gone to far with this one; the idea is to get them off script as soon as possible; and when you do, you'll probably find the good English and grammar goes out of the window and the caps lock will appear to be stuck.
  11. Past your bedtime.
  12. Its time to stop your father breeding with your auntie and producing idiots like you.Just too bad stupidity isn't painful.
  13. I had something similar not so long ago, you have to admire them for their persistence, if not their originality.
  14. Did they not want your Mothers maiden name for security?
  15. Reading between the lines it becomes clear that these folk aren't as daft as may seem. They certainly know that Jesus freaks are a few tokens short of a daytrip to Alton Towers. I had a happy-clappy gf once and she was given....given..... 7 grand to help with financing her MA by some skypilot pals. Needless to say I channelled as much of that as I was able into the service of the Dark One !!!!!!!