They know how to squeeze.

A businessman took his young son to a restaurant where he had arranged to meet his wife for lunch.
He gave his son a couple of ten pence pieces to play with whilst he went to the bar and got a drink. As he arrived back at the table, the small boy started to choke and turn blue. The father realised that he must have swallowed the coins and started to slap the lad on his back. One coin flew out but the other remained choking the lad. The guy was in a real panic, slapping the boys back and calling for help.

A smartly dressed, middle aged woman at a window table, looked across, casually folded her napkin, stood up and strolled over.
She deftly unfastened the boys trousers and pulled them down around his ankles. She then grasped the boys' testicles and twisted them, Gently at firs, then, when nothing happened, very sharply to the left and then even more sharply to the right. The boy violently convulsed and then coughed up the remaining ten pence which the woman deftly caught in her free hand. Releasing the boys testicles she handed the coin to the father and returned to her table.

Once he had settled the boy down and was satisfied he was now ok, the father approached the woman. "Thank you so much, that was amazing." He said, then went on. "I've never seen, or heard of anything like that before. You must be a Doctor, surely."

She replied. "No, I'm with the Inland Revenue."

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