They Haven't Gone Away

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_Fingerz, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  2. Jesus... some people never get over things do they.
  3. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    The Saville inquiry established that our lot shot first, shot people in the back, shot unarmed fleeing civvies and shot dead a wounded man. The vexed issue of who shot Bambi's Mum was never really resolved. But Call-Me-Dave has said we are very sorry.

    Cant we all just have a Coca-Cola Moment?
  4. Do Coca-Cola do balaclavas?
  5. It wont be long before they're doing burqas.
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  6. Disaffected, unemployed arm chair Republicans who protest against Rugby and soccer being played in Croagh Park ( whilst wearing Celtic Jerseys). Yes there is a dangerous element, from the Old Guard, amongst them however, they appear to have no support from the majority.
  7. -

    Give it another fifteen years or so. When all the old men (and women) who actually committed the crimes of violence have died off - probably having suffered many sleepless night in reaching that point - the Young Guard will try again. They will not know of the troubled minds of the last years of their fathers and grandfathers. They will know only of the mythical wholesome "land of saints and scholars". They will parade their weapons, replica or otherwise, in their stupid hatred of the "invader", and go out to kill a few more of their neighbours.
    History shows us these people (the ultra-republicans) never learn anything from the past. The words used in the recent weekend "commemoration" tell us that. Even Adams is on record as having said the violence and threat of violence only makes those the republicans attack more resistant. And an Ireland of unity goes further away with each threat or violent action.
    My grandfather saw it, my father saw it, I saw it, my children saw it, and unfortunately, my grandchildren may see it.

    But its a beautiful spring day and the garden beckons. Let the a*seholes go to their own perdition.
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  8. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    What makes anyone think that the criminal IRA filth suffer even one sleepless night? - particularly now that they have got clean away with their crimes.
  9. It's impossible to unify to different ideologies..... Why would Unionists want to be part of a Republican state when the Bastards have spent the best part of the last 100 years trying to force them to join one?

    They can stick there ****ing 32 county eutopia up there ****ing rectums.
  10. Not quite so. Despite the glad handing of the politicos of all persuasions, their constant anxiety for us all to "understand the big picture" the speeches and photos, behind these all stand the PSNI historical crimes investigation team. There remains some particularly hideous scenarios on their books. The late Jean McConville's (RIP) name is one example and for us former military types, Captain Bobby Niarac's case is still very much open.
    The lawyers may well define 'Justice' however and to steal a line from the film 'The Winslow Boy' - "Justice is easy, Right is much harder to do. Let Right be done".
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  11. There is inevitably going to be a kick-off again... And everybody knows it.

    Once a nationalist majority (not that far away) occurs and we start to see dates for Irish unity being debated... It'll all get nasty quickly, although probably quite briefly.

    The after effects of re-unification could be more far-reaching for the Irish. It's quickly going to become evident to all parties that those pidgin gaelige speaking folk from north of the border with tricolour bedspreads and season tickets for Park Head fit in about as well in modern Ireland as the average Belfast based Rangers fan with a fondness for flute bands and parading does in... I dunno... Devon? But there's a few of them and they're unlikely just to vanish
  12. I doubt reunification will ever happen, purely because the Republic has neither the money or the inclination to take on the massive pain in the arse that is NI.
  13. We sold out and let the terrorists of all hues win.
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  14. That assumes that they're going to get the choice...

    Reunification is going to happen, within the lifetime of most people using this means. If it's important to you, plan for it.
  15. Not particularly important to me, other than the trouble it will bring. I'll be able to move the family back to England to get away from it if it gets too bad. It wouldn't bother me living in a unified Republic if it's what the majority want.

    What makes you so sure it will happen?