they haven't gone away you know


and yet another terrorist organisation has been implicated by the Barron Inquiry into no warning bombings in Dublin and Monaghan.

I was sat in Liam Clark's ofice in Wapping last week and Martin Ingram told me that the British Army Intelligence were really behind the Twin Towers attacks as well.
Ingram shoud know, he not only had access to Level 1 information on 3702, but used to drink in the original greenfly as well !!!!!
If he had ever been in the Greenfly then hed know that there is no way that British Military Intelligence could have ever planned anything as complex as the attacks on the twin towers.
Ah The greenfly. Went there once after a rugby match in the early 90's during roulement tour. Still got a jumper that they gave away to my team as losers somewhere in the loft. The slime actually beat us a major unit - although I later discovered that most of the team were actually support staff and E2 attached!

Great atmosphere in the bar - even the ruperts and WO's were down to earth and were quite willing to talk to us mere grunts.

What was Stick Knave talking about the `original greenfly` and who's Martin Ingram ? Anyone enlighten me ?

Only recently been pointed to arrse (said Mr Jackson in his defence ) so this is first post - What a great site !
Martyn Ingram is the pseudonym of a bigtiming whistleblower who was a member of what used to be called FRU in the 'bad old days' during the 80s and 90s, who has since written a book and newspaper articles about it.
Uses attension grabbing names such as Stakeknife and Pat Finucane.
Greenfly is the slime bar in NI.

Some people slag off those who write books about their experiences in NI, but as long as they dont name names, show pics, blow current ops or give procedures and tactics away then its a cracking way of making mega bucks.

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