They have been found guilty!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hellfyyr, Feb 25, 2005.

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  1. I feel sorry for them. Whilst they did behave out of order CPL Kenyon was only 7 years off his pension. Now it's all gone. There will be ripples felt from this for some time to come I think.
  2. Actually Sparky, they were found guilty earlier in the week.

    The sentences fitted the crime. I hope that any other incident is dealt with the same and the offenders locked up and discharged.

    It's OK for you to blame the officer in charge, but something that may have slipped your mind is that the actions of these Fusiliers was used as publicity resulting in the murder of a Brit civvy in Saudi.

    Nevr mind the blame culture, these fckers have caused immense damage to the reputation of the British Army.

    I for one applaud the sentences.
  3. Sorry Speedy, I disagree mate. He should have thought about his pension before he acted in the unacceptable manner in which he did.
  4. Disgrace to the uniform. No excuse.
  5. Harsh sentences, given that there were no complaints of beatings, but we have to be seen to be 'Whiter than white' with regard to a Legally dubious and unpopular war.

    Of course with hindsight the poor basta*ds should have been handed over to the nearest Shia cleric for punishment under Sharia law, after all they were stealing food from their neighbours.

    Remind us how understanding and compassionate that particular form of law can be.

    Will theses sentences constitute the now arguably reasonable request for 'Written Clarification' of every possibly ambiguous order?

    And one final point;

    "Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?"

    ring a bell, misinterpretation or an abdication of responibility?

  6. Yep. A savage lack of moral courage, a savage lack of Esprit De Corps, and thoroughly deserved sentence.

    A sad tarnish on their cap badge :(
  7. totally disagree, although they should and have got done for it I feel the sentances are far too stiff. This remember is the same day that it is reported that yank that shot the injured man live on TV walks free.

    these guys have been fcuked for the "greater good"
  8. Thought the sentancing was a little harsh for Larkin.

    He got 5 months for assualt (for standing on a bloke)

    He would have got a lot less if he had gotten into a fight in town and done some damage to a bloke.
  9. Harsh my arrse. He'll be out in 3 months. What do you people suggest then......probation? ASBOs?
  10. Given the nature of the photographic evidence, in comparison with a similiar offence commited by a civillian what would you suggest would be a suitable punishment?
  11. If you are asking me LM........they got the sentences they deserved.
  12. And you would advocate simillar sentences for civillians given the same weight of evidence?

    What then should have been done with the thieves?
  13. FFS he stood on a bloke !

    5 months nick and booted out for assault is ridiculous imho