They don't mess about with kid killers in Guatemala

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Sep 14, 2012.

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  1. No messing….

    Man kills two children in Guatemala, they burn alive

    July Saquil deprived of life to an 8 year old girl and a 13 in the courtyard of the Rural School Joint Autogestión San Juan de la Asunción, so neighbors beat him and sprayed gasoline.
    Villagers burned a man alive in the Indian township Tic Tac, Alta Verapaz, in the north of the country, who allegedly under the influence of liquor killed two children on Wednesday inside a local school, officials said.
    The man, identified as Julio Saquil (35), was first beaten with sticks and stones and then the neighbors, after learning of the attacks on the two schools, doused with petrol and set alight.


    The incident occurred in the courtyard of the Rural School Joint Autogestión San Juan de la Asunción, Tic Tac, about 190 km north of the capital, local media reported the establishment of administrative technical coordinator, Sorayda Milian.
    "This person tried first to attack the teachers, but they managed to escape and take the children out of the classroom, with victims unfortunately could not do anything," said Milian, who explained that the children were killed with machete wounds made with a .
    Cahuec Wilson, Volunteer Firefighter, confirmed the deaths of the two children.
    "When we find the child, but unfortunately was beheaded and could no longer do anything for him. Then we went to another salon and are before an alleged offender, who had attacked the girl. An older girl escaped unhurt, "explained Cahuec.
    The victims were an 8 year old girl and a 13.
    Lynchings have become commonplace in Guatemala, especially in indigenous villages, where people take justice into their own hands because of their distrust of the police and judicial system.

    Hombre asesina a dos niños en Guatemala; lo queman vivo*|*EHUI
  2. Poor kids. Rather extreme but you can't say he didn't deserve it. Rest in Peace to his victims.
  3. He got off lightly.

    Personally I would have started with small incisions in the skin and threaded safety fuze throughout his body before lighting it.

    That's just to start with.
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  4. You've got too much time on your hand's to ponder these matters. You need to find a decent hobby.
  5. I would have informed the police.
  6. We could do with a bit of this sort of thing here. Could we start with Vince Cable and Ed Balls?
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  7. Do you have the dexterity for such a task these days?
  8. I'm sure he'd find some volunteers to do the more fiddly work for him... :twisted:
  9. Assuming he did do it and that he wasn't the convenient scapegoat topped for some other reason, which has happened a few times.

    They should have had a trial by jury with independent forensic experts, just like in the UK. If found guilty, then they should have necklaced him.

    Guatemala is so far ahead of some third world countries, like the UK, in some areas.
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  10. You mean being caught with the bodies, and a bloodstained machete at the murder scene isn't a reliable indication of guilt??

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  11. Beheaded, eh. Just a flesh wound surely.
  12. You mean, you've assumed that the witness(es) accounts are truthful??
  13. Massingbird would have got him off.
    I remember Massingbird's most famous case: the Case of the Bloody Knife. A man was found next to a murdered body. He had the knife in his hand. 13 witnesses had seen him stab the victim. And when the police arrived, he said "I'm glad I killed the bastard." Massingbird not only got him off; he got him knighted in the New Year's Honours List. And the relatives of the victim had to pay to wash the blood out of his jacket!

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  14. Someone has a Blackadder fetish!.........Well played Sir!!
  15. Agreed, regardless of the crime, the person(s) should be tried accordingly. Otherwise its a just a free for all with everyone playing god. And yes i have kids myself.