They dont have what I need!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by WannabeSTABgal, May 16, 2005.

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  1. Not sure what to do about this.

    Have boots that don't fit (right length, but too narrow - my toes go numb, can't fit additional pair of thin socks under ordinary socks etc), but the right size are not in stock, and I have a training weekend starting this Friday.

    Non-issue stuff is severely frowned upon, is there any way of stretching the damn things, or something?!
  2. Never wear ill-fitting boots. You could try some wooden shoe-stretchers, normally available from good shoe shops. If not, get some new boots.
  3. You can try giving the leather a real soaking by leaving them in the bath (or a bucket) overnight, then emptying them out, putting them on, and taking them for several long walks, then drying them by stuffing them with several changes of newspaper; but it isn't an ideal solution. Badly fitting boots will only cause trouble for you later and they really shouldn't have issued these ones to you.
  4. To be fair, I didn't know what width I needed until I tried them on (although I guessed a medium rather than a small), as the subject line implies, it's not that they'd be unwilling to issue the right size, they just don't have any.

    Yes, they're on order, but they may not get to the store by Friday - and even then I'd be stuck with completely unbroken boots :(

    Wore them for a couple of hours of wandering around today, and definite squashing of little toes on my left foot, and that's before they get all swollen up!

    Only other alternative (to the stretching procedures) would be to get a size up (lengthwise) and adjust it them somewhow - but I can't say that seems a very bright idea either.
  5. Neatsfoot oil,on the boots,not on your feet
  6. Don't go. And tell them why in advance, preferably starting with the Platoon Commander.

    Better to miss a weekend than injure yourself. There will be plenty more weekends but you only get one pair of feet.
  7. That'd go down well I'm sure. Will start by reminding my Section DS and work up from there. Arrrrrrrggggghhhhh! It surely can't be that hard to scare up a pair in the right size from somewhere (other units in same city etc)?
  8. Why wont the DS let you wear your own civvie boots ?. The rest of the Army does .
  9. Auld-Yin

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    I do wish you would stop this



    I just can't do it
  10. WannabeSTABgal - What size of boots are you after? If you're in the Surrey area I may be able to help you out.
  11. Wannabe stabgal , I suggest you turn up on parade in your own boots, preferably thigh length leather ones

  12. Use Flexolan (Available from most horsey places or find your nearest stables lot and blag some) on the boots as it will soften them up. Just paint it all over the boots and leave to soak in. Give them a second coat later and leave over night. You won't believe how suple it makes them and they still polish up well.
  13. 307

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    If you're so worried and really wanna go, get yourself down to your local surplus shop and buy a pair of issue tissue boots that fit! At least you will then be squared away until stores get sorted, which believe me in the TA can take a fair amount of time.
  14. Let me guess stabgal , you are a size 6 or below >?
  15. Ack.

    My own boots (that fit) are brown walking boots (bet they'd love that!)

    Yes, size 6 S (knew my bunions would never squeeze into the narrowest fitting) is what they've given me, nothing else in a size 6 whichsoever. Including trainers, but apparently it's OK to wear my own until they get some of those in. Size 7s are about an inch too long.

    So: directions to suitable shops in either Colchester or Ipswich then??? Or I could maybe get the squeeze to pick up some replacements in Surrey if he comes up to see me between now and Friday. Surrey is en route.

    Or go shopping meantime and find shoe-stretchers, neatsfoot oil, flexolan, and start hoping that combined with the effort of soaking and wearing I can subdue the current pair.

    Going on the weekend is a bit non-negotiable, btw.