They can't hamstring you forever David

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jan 23, 2003.

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  1. Round all the illegal one's up, give them a £100 each, pack them in to a Herc at Brize and give them a free flight back to their country, care of crab air and HMG.

    Ooooh, I hear you cry, 'You can't do that'.  Why not?  We ARE Europe's dustbin for people taking us for a ride.
  3. I think that landing would incur additional fees.

    Much better that they are dropped off within their own airspace.

    How they make it down is entirely up to them.
  4. The average Brit is slow to anger and not what I would call Ill Informed. We have one of the least biased media setups and freedom of speach. :)

    Just because people are coming to a conclusion that Bluur dosen't, his idea of the public is one of Knee-jerk reactions and violence. :eek:


  5. How much does a basic parachute set-up cost?  I'm sure the savings incurred from flying them back over to their own home land with a parachute and a £100 in their pockets far outweighs the costs of putting them up in a 4 star hotel and giving then £60+ a week in benefits.

    To Mr Blair and Co.  Shame on you and your Government.  Any chance of doing something for the good of the British people this time?  For all the immigrants you let in, my fathers pension goes down.  How many more Policemen, hospitals and schools could you have got if you had put the clamps on this when you won the election.   SHAME ON YOU ALL !
  6. Too bloody right,

    There is not one person I have spoken to that disagrees in the slightest! I think that says something...

    Everyone is sick of it but the government are quite happy to just carry on the way they've been going. Ignoring the voters.

    But what the hell, everyone'll still vote for them next time and it'll carry on again...

    Or we could all vote for somebody else and let them open the floodgates instead... I can't see this shambles ever coming to an end. Too many bloody hippy's running the country.

    It should be down to Joe Public to decide!!
  7. Fans of the band Doctor Hook were not impressed with the new image of it's band member.......


    'If your in love with a beautiful woman, it's hard (oh yes its hard)'.
  8. I hate the BNP for the same reason I hate Islamic fundamentalists advocating Holy jihad - I don't know all the details, but I know enough to realise that what they REALLY want is wrong, wrong, wrong.......

    People are angry and frustrated and feel their voice is not being heard, so they vote BNP/Islamic fundamentalist.....................extremists at the terrible edge commit atrocities in the name of their cause believing they are wiping out a terrible wrong by committing a terrible right......Holocaust and 9/11.............ordinary decent people try to rectify what they see as an imbalance, and are persuaded that the way of the difficult middle ground is no longer valid........leads to racism/religious fanatics.........
  9. You are correct my dear, but the BNP have been very, very clever on how they now portray their policies.

    They no longer advocate the (excuse the blatant racism) "if they're black, send em back" attitude, but have now switched policies to the "if they are not British, or do not have a logged, legitimate, proven asylum claim, send em back".

    This has gained them a lot of support, believe it or not, from the legitimate Asian community.

    I speak with a bit of authority here, as the BNP's national HQ is located only a few hundred yards from my house and I know for a fact that they have gained support from some of the local (dare I say it) "none muslim" Asian voters. They even have an Asian "wing". I kid you not.

    60% of the voters in my ward voted for a far right wing party last time round. It ended up being split between the BNP (34%), Freedom party (26%), Labour (36%) and Tories (2%). Labour won, but really, by default. The Freedom party have already said that they will not split the next vote, therefore, a possible 60% vote and another victory for the BNP.

    Believe me, the local BNP activists are very, very excited about the current political climate and, probably justifiably so. They are the only ones that are willing to address the current asylum and immigaration crisis in the language that the populous want to here, i.e. not beating around the PC bush.

    Now, read Mein Kampf (and stop it, straight away ;D, no, I am not Himmler in disguise neither am I a BNP propagandist or a closet Nazi) and you will see how that loony tune hitler managed to get into power using the same methods. Even Clement Attley called it "the most politically honest" book he had ever read.

    hitler played the same tune that the BNP are playing now, he didn’t initially say “all none whites should go”, he said along the lines of “all none Germans should go” and snowballed it after.

    Without wishing to sound like Goebells, I can foresee a tide of change that the mainstream politicians are not going to like, purely because, like the kraut politicians before them, they are ignoring the growing resentment within the proletariat.

    Unfortunately, it seems to be that the only politician that can see it at the moment with a level and none racist head is David Blunkett.

    Personally, I'd make him PM tomorrow (as long as the Revolutionary Council agrees ;D)

    How long before he gets tarred with a "rivers of blood" slur though?
  10. Bang on there ORG

    Blunkett is muzzled, Blair just wants yes men around him

    I think the BNP are soon to be a party to be reckoned with if the country continues in this "let any bugger in" attitude. Close the borders, tunnels ports etc to any more, we can't cope, those that are here be given a three month period in which to start contributing, Ie beigin paying tax (at a higher rate) and national insurance. If they cant achieve this they get given a herc flight home.

    Instead of putting them up in hotels etc build a purpose built centre or convert an old camp to house them and process them PROPERLY, if this is considered in humane, tough, don't like it don't come.

    I have toned this down as if I had my way they would all be sent home, not a racist by any means but I do feel its time Britain put Britain first, instead of being Europes dustbin
  11. How true, ORG !!  The mainstream politicians have ALWAYS been out of touch with the likes of the common man.  Every now and again you get someone like Blunkett who comes along and says it how it is, straight to the point.  I bet his next appointment within the Labour Gov will be Environment or Fisheries Minister.  Somewhere nice and quiet, to keep him out of the way.

    I knew the BNP and the NF had Asian wings.  The young BNP member nowadays has a new intellect, and is intelligent enough to see that it's not a black, brown or yellow problem.  Its about the justice in allowing non-Brits to come to this country and giving them houses, money and (this is true !!), cars.  Imagine the amount of money a year that goes into this problem?  Imagine what this money would have bought this country!  Britain is supposed to be a land of non-poverity, cheap goods, excellent social and medical services.  And what do we really have?  A land in turmoil.  This all plays into the hand of the BNP, who regardless what anyone says here, they will have a hidden agenda that (if) once in power, wouldn’t just stop at excluding immigrants.  Read into that as much as you want.  But yes, they are addressing a problem through straight talk, which NEEDS to be URGENTLY addressed by Labour.  

    Pull your finger out, Tony, and get a grip.
  12. Yes they do, and the NSDAP had financing from Jewish backers in the early days, pleased that there was a man strong enough. to bring order out of chaos. We know how that one ended up.

    My feelings are as I originally posted. If you do not let Blunkett do the job he wants to do, in a calm, dispassionate way, the alternative is extremism. Blunkett is trying to tell the nation that, and I hope he continues, till his honourable friends listen.

    Or will they only start doing that, when the Car Bombs are exploding?
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