They build some right minging pigs in Hull



They sure do, but my ex moved to Worksop where it's easier to hide. (I probably would if I had the misfortune to still live there.)
Last time I was in hull, which was a long time ago, I noted that every female in the city was wearing the same outfit and the exact same make-up. I am led to believe that a similar situation still exists there and in most other Northern cities. The good news is that you'd have to be the elephant man not to get laid (assuming you would want to).
She has got some rack on her

But it did say her bath was full on rubbish so she probably stinks.


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It gets worse.

If you read the articles, she's unemployed. So she spent her benefits on clubbing and left he kids in a stinking, shit encrusted house.

Unfortunately her jail sentence is only a suspended one. Were it up to me, she'd be going to jail for 4 months for real to teach her the error of her ways.

And even better - social services had been in a month earlier and knew the house was an insanitary shit heap.


She should be made to clean her teeth with an old bog-brush - although, from what I read, her's would have been pristine.
Its worse than it gets worse. her excuse for leaving the house minging was that she was expecting to be rehoused!
This is obviously nothing to do with pleasure or enjoying herself, but a pure business decision.

Where else will she find the next vital sperm to further her baby-farming operation?

With kids at 3, 4 and seven she will see herself not just needing a new house, but a welfare increase in these hard times, and babies are good profit.

As her offspring get more expensive to feed and cloth, the economics of her chosen business get stressed, so as the local authority start to take the financial weight off her, and take the existing brood into care, profits go out the window!

She must be prepared for the next trench, to keep the cycle of benefits going.

The message to women like this is indeed "go forth and multiply"
I would imagine her clunge smells and tastes of Bacon Grill, and on that thought, I'm off for a wank.
Looks like she got her clobber of Sanjay's stall. She looks the type that gos out with a tenner and comes home pissed with a tenner and spunk dribbling down her leg. Her fanny will have took more batterings than a fish shop owner.
So the story about the blind man walking through Hull, smelling the docks and saying, "hello ladies," is actually true & not a joke, then?
Hull kids running round outside covered in shite - so whats out of the ordinary there then? Surprised any eye lids were batted.

As to the matter of the mother - I jolly well would, she has a mightly impressive array of fun bags. Assuming they are real of course, otherwise she can boil her head.
Hang on, where's Markintime from again? Not saying it's his missus, but wonder if they are acquainted :wink:

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