They are taking away all our radios

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by blackbelyscaley, Aug 10, 2008.

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  1. I've just been told that because the regulars can't keep track of their kit they have 'lost' 20% of their Bowman kit. And because they have no money it has been decided that the army is going to make up for losing it by replacing it with all the Bowman radios issued to the TA. The TA is going to stop being Bowmanised.

    In my squadron this means we have just completely wasted 2 years getting Bowmanised and that there is NO POINT to turning up because with no radios we cant do anything.

    Does anyone know anything about this ? Is it true or just a nasty rumour ?
  2. What paper do you write for?
  3. Yes - the regular army just wilfully loses bowman kit because it feels like it. :roll:

    More likely a greater precentage is getting returned for repair owing to operational tempo?

    Don't let this get in the way of a good whinge though. Just keep cycling the unfounded rumours - after all, that's what this site is for.
  4. Look on the bright side. That should put us first in line to receive the replacement for Bowman. Just need to wait a bit.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    It's not a rumour, the only thing that we are waiting for is the calling notice.

    The TA is losing Bowman. But don't worry, this applies to a number of regular units too. One army concept and all that.

    So: will an number of units change their camp, or just press on and train the guys and gals on Bowman regardless?

    Those units that cannot re-arrange their plans will see a crap turnout as their soldiers realise that camp is going to be pointless pants.

    It's like a slow speed train crash.

  6. QM will issue string and bean tins
  7. why not let the TA keep their Bowman and the guys in Afgh/Iraq can make do with the bean tins and string?

    What a narrow minded whine, send the kit to where it's needed, not in a store to be played with on a weekend
  8. Easy one, want to play with Bowman? go on Op's...there problem solved.. :wink:
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Trouble is that you are just adding to the training gap.

  10. See above. NOT an unfounded rumour.

    And while it might not have been wilful the story I was told is that its a combinations of someone miscalculating how much kit would be required to properly equip AND very very poor stock control. There is literally kit nobody knows where it is. Of course nobody o
    is going to lose their job coz that never happens in the army.

    But when are we going to be told ? And what is the point me giving up my time to the TA if is doesnt give me even the most basic kit to do the job. As a signaller its not asking much to have a radio. And if they want people to mobilise wouldn;t it be a good idea to train them first ?

    I see the ARABS are out in strength. I dont want to 'play' with Bowman. I want to do my job. I want to train so I can do it. But what's the point even turning up as a signaller if we have no radios at all ? Lots of guys will just leave and then where will you be for people to mobilise ?

    There is just no point me spending my weekends dong this if I dont have any radios.
  11. I love the title of this thread. There is something grim, ominous, and final about it.

    It reminds me of the last broadcast made by the last free radio station in Hungary as the Soviet tanks rolled in.

    The deadpan but panicked tone, and implicit appeal for help, also reminds me of the title of Philip Gourevitch's brilliant book about the Rwandan genocide: We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families. That's the opening sentence of a letter sent on behalf of 2,000 Tutsis holed up in a church in a town called Mugonero to their pastor, asking to be saved from the slaughter. But nothing was done to save them.

    It can't be that bad, can it?
  12. Or he could join another arm...INF,Art,Eng,AAC,RLC etc etc
    Do training that also has sigs...but other tasks too :)
    so the loss of Bowman is less of a blow...
  13. As I said - I dont want to play.

    So Swampmonster - if you are infantry and they took away all your rifles because someone had forgot to order enough for the regs - what would you do ?
  14. msr

    msr LE

    It is a little misleading -

    Bad news: The TA is losing Bowman
    Good news: We are keeping Clansman

    The Reality: we are being set back 20 years to the time when the TA had the regular army's hand-me-downs.

    First up, best dressed; as the scouse saying goes.


  15. want to do your job? get your arse out to the sand pits,,all the Bowman you can hope for...again problem solved :lol: