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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CharlieBubbles, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. Gen Lillywhite on the television saying there is good practice for serving soldiers with all health conditions, the story broke on Saturday about EX Forces Mental Health, the two are very different and for those who suffer now must get very angry that still the Mod shirk their 'Duty of Care'.

    Why DID the Mod feel the need to employ a PRIVATE Healthcare company to treat those with psychological conditions? Why did they NOT use the NHS if the NHS is up to the mark?

    It has been proven that the NHS don't have the Care Pathways for the ex military and the SPVA are failing in their duties to all those who are now seeking a WP, or who already have a WP for service related Mental Health!

    I have met many WP Welfare Officers who have to pick up the pieces once an individual has got that far. However, with the NHS doing little of nothing for those who present with Combat Stress, why, well for the most the GP has been told nothing or what is on offer, where it is or how to access it.

    Why the Mod are getting involved with EX forces healthcare who knows, as they will tell you, it is the job of the NHS, yet the SPVA seem imputant in getting the NHS to move forward on this very issue.

    Is there the Political Will to see all the services that have already been passed, such as the Priority Treatment to ALL ex servicemen and women who need said help?

    Why is it that Hull PCT can have a dedicated service and other PCT's don't, where is the priority and who sets said priority?

    Again government lead generals seem intent on muddying the waters, there are real problems for those who have served and we don't want Ostrichs burying their heads in the sand, be they politicians, or military.

    I wonder if General Lillywhite would answer the important questions? Or if he would be allowed to by HIS Political Masters, Mr Kevan Jones MP (Veterans Minister)
  2. Probably because there is a real or perceived need in their area and someone there is switched on enough to realise this and act on it. Most PCTs, however, probably take the view that it is simply not cost effective to cater for what is (at present) a relatively small target population.
  3. With regard to priority treatment
    below is an excerpt from the reply I received from SP&VA after I sent a letter to thePrime Minister (who passed the buck), also attached is the govt. response to the e-petition to No 10 regarding war pensioners and priority treatment.

    My bold - the degree of priority is decided by the hospital doctor/consultant, however one has to be referred to the hospital by a GP who does not have to recognise priority for war pensioners/AFCS recipients - so it boils down to whether your GP surgery is pro/contra military personnel - the first GP I saw did not recognise or agree with priority treatment for War pensioners.

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  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I realise that this article in todays Daily Express touches on Beharry VC thread.Opinions chaps.

    Army brass snub hospital for injured

    But it's nice to see Cyclops is happy,but Gordo,I dont know many civvies who get blown up by a IED on the local High Street,do you?

    But the's some good comments by readers.This one by KarlH sums it up..

    Wonder if he's an ARRSER?...
  5. I was going to get the keys to the armoury, but just remembered it's still open over the H Harman incident...

    To The Armoury!!!

    PS. But seriously, some officers are mad, some are bad and some deserve to be stripped and hung and drawn and quartered and thrown to the hungry pigs.... :x
  6. I've known the man in question for over 30 years, when I first met him I thought he was a useless tosser that would do anything to get to where he wanted to be. 30 years and still nothing to change my mind.
  7. And one more thing... Surely it doesn't come down to ONE man to say ye or nay or any matter in the MOD? Is the whole organisation staffed with yes bods, and snivvelling career-men?
  8. Ermm - Spookily yes
  9. I doubt there are enough serving military medical/nursing types around to man a hospital of our own
  10. Nothing like jobs for the boys.....

    So that would be two massive wage and pension packets to find in our budget.

    I have no drama with the current arrangement, particularly if there are sufficient military/military orientated personnel to help the wounded soldiers.

    Military wards with security would be nice (nothing mental just coded doors or similar), and of course military welfare facilities. If that means the soldiers get better treatment than the civvies, so be it. Ie free phones by the bed and tvs etc.

    However, there should be some sort of fast track procedure for us. Sitting around waiting is not really acceptable for someone who has been injured on behalf of the nation. Ie the JB incidient above.

    Perhaps instead of ONE hospital, there should be facilities where a serviceman/ex-serviceman, could attend a medcen and get a dedicated treatment system through that, at local hospitals. A bit like a BUPA system.
  11. Too right we shouldn't have military hospitals.

    Dedicated wards, staffed by AMS personnel, in civilian hospitals is the best solution. Whether that should be several MDHU's (the status quo) or one big wing at selly oak (the current plan) is a different question.

    Edited to add:

    If JB had massive head pain living anywhere except Haslar, then he'd be just as f*cked if we did have hopsitals. We also need a fast track system for mil personnel in the NHS.
  12. Please - all you outraged dullards - have a search and dig up the last time this was discussed on here. It was, despite best spaz efforts, a pretty resounding result in not having a dedicated mil hospital for all the bleeding obvious reasons. If you lot did half as much in the real world as you bang on about on here, we'd have no recession or PTSD - it was a sad day when you discovered the internet wasn't just for pictures of pretty girls.

  13. Just because they get the best treatment at army facilities doesn;t mean it would be the same at a military hospital.

    The MOs serving in MDHUs and elsewhere are some of the very best trained doctors in the world, particularly in trauma. There wouldn't be nearly enough traffic in a military hospital to maintain this, so standards would definitely drop. This is also something that your average patient wouldn't conisder.
  14. That's the trouble with t0ssers like your good self. Puffed up windbags full of their own importance who think they have the answer to everything.

    Search all you like there is still a massive feeling that the Military should still have military hospitals in all the major garrisons and medical reception stations elsewhere. Because miserable people like you only see the cost in terms of money it will never happen. The cost in terms of Army morale, especially amongst the injured and sick is astronomical. When did our troops stop deserving the very best then Mr C Windbag?

    Arguments about training the staff are just so much claptrap, for specialisations they can be seconded or rotated round military establishments. The Army trained its own doctors and nurses before but had to give it up when it got rid of all the hospitals.

    Now why don't you go back to grooming little girls in their chatrooms?
  15. Its not just about training specialty posts, its about maintaining clinical skills in conditions that would normally be treated in the NHS. With such a small army, we cannot have military medical staff waiting for cases in a dedicated hospital. We should have dedicated wards with AMS staff who, when not busy with army cases, can act as supernumary staff for the NHS hospitals. Hang on, we already do that and both the AMS and the NHS love the arrangement.