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They asked you what?!

Job interviews can be daunting, with plenty of things to worry about - dressing suitably, turning up on time, taking along the necessary materials, and of course, saying all the right things.

But what happens if your interviewer hasn’t given much thought to how they’re going to behave? We’ve uncovered some shocking examples of negative interview experiences faced by jobseekers.

An alarming number of respondents to a totaljobs survey said they had faced rudeness, lateness, and questions which were irrelevant to the role or downright offensive.

We’ve chosen some howlers to highlight how some interviews can go so terribly wrong.

Some of our respondents were faced with shockingly offensive questions and actions when they turned up for their interview. What’s most shocking is the fact that this sort of behaviour is unacceptable anywhere, let alone a job interview:

One interviewee was greeted with the charming welcome: ‘Look, let’s cut the f*****g b******t, I don’t want some p***k that's only going to work the set f*****g hours.’
A line of male employees held up 'score cards' as a female interviewee walked past their office.
A jobseeker applying for a retail position had smoke blown in his face by the interviewer, and was told ‘if ever I stole from him he would kick my head in’.
One interviewer turned up late and topped it off by falling asleep shortly afterwards. The interviewee who woke him up was greeted with rudeness, so understandably walked out.
One jobseeker was asked if they were wearing any underwear.
Meanwhile, some jobseekers have found that recruiters failed to put in much effort when it came to preparing for the interview. Some appear to be woefully ill-prepared, while others have tried to paper over the cracks in their preparation with deliberately vague questions:

A worryingly large number of interviewers had turned up without a copy of the interviewee’s CV or the job spec.
One interviewee endured an hour-long interview before being told the company had already decided to make an internal appointment for the role.
A number of interviewers seem to be devotees of the classic ‘vague questioning’ technique, with many respondents asked to simply ‘tell me about yourself’.
And finally, it appears that a job interview is the best place to be if you want to witness some truly crazy behaviour or oddball questions:

One interviewer spat his false teeth out when he talked, mid-interview.
An ex-serviceman was asked if he had ever shot anybody.
One interviewee was asked why they wanted the job for which they were being interviewed. While it was a valid question, it raised concerns when it was asked repeatedly – after every other question.
After being asked if they bit their fingernails, a jobseeker was told to prove they didn’t, by showing their hands to the interviewer.
A spectacle-wearer was asked whether their ‘disability’ would harm their suitability for the role.
One extremely unfortunate candidate was asked to pretend to be a dancing chicken.
Weight, sock colour, bust size, sexual preference, dress and shoe size, parents’ age, definition of the word ‘cryptosporidium’ and choice of clothes at bedtime are all examples of bizarre and potentially offensive topics that were brought up by interviewers. However, these are all beaten in the crazy question stakes by the interviewer who asked a jobseeker what they thought about penguins.

One of the basic, golden rules for jobseekers is to turn up on time for job interviews - turning up late isn’t a great first impression! However, it seems that recruiters also need to be reminded of the importance of punctuality, as over a third of our respondents had to wait while an interviewer turned up late.

So it looks as though a spell at charm school might come in handy for some recruiters, alongside a new wristwatch to help them get there on time.
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