These... well... Christ Almighty.

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[TD]1. "Doctor, I can't work out what's wrong with me!"
"You've got AIDS."

Somehow, the African version of House just wasn't quite as gripping.

2. What's the hardest part of the vegetable to eat?

The wheelchair.[/TD]
I much prefer the Family Guy barbershop quartet 'You've got aids' song. Unlike the jokes in the first post, it's actually funny.


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An old one I remember from school;

"Wheelchair, wheelchair,
Rolling down the cliff,
You can't jump out,
You've got Spina Bif".
I don't see how anything to do with aids is funny? Except maybe the song from Team America...But you actually watch house?
Depends if it's good AIDS or bad AIDS

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Lawyer to rape suspect 'The test results are back and there's good news and bad news.'

'The good news is that you are no longer a suspect.'

Suspect 'Great! What's the bad news?'

Lawyer 'You have HIV.'

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