These tanker drivers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Salford-Vera, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. £38K?!

    Have they gone through 7 years of University and need Phd's to drive their fooking trucks?

    Utter greed. Stupid tw@s. For that money their should be a lit fuse running into the tanks and if they dont deliver on time they get blown to pieces. "We're driving mobile bombs basically" - When was the last time one of these things blew up? Tw@s.
  2. Greedy c*nts the lot of them but at least the roads were safer for a while.
  3. Is this going to lead to a situation where strikers' demands steadily become so unreasonable that they have to be "broken" by the government as in Thatcher's time?

    £38k after 7 years & PhD? I fcuking wish...
  4. It's worse than we thought - from the BBC:

    Tanker drivers delivering fuel for Shell have been offered a 14% pay increase over two years after their four-day strike hit UK fuel supplies.

    The increase will be worth 9% in the first year and 5% in the second, taking average annual earnings to £41,750.

    I commanded a Fuel Sp Sqn 10 years ago and I don't even think I was on that much!

    For that money they should be driving CSTs in Afghanistan.

    Move over traffic wardens.....................
  5. But we need to remember our guys are not qualified for any job in civvy st according to some in Govt.
    Our Tanker drivers are more qualified than most of these civvy muppets, and they work harder and get less.
  6. Utterly disgusted, money grabbing ransom artists.

    £41k in Devon is 3 times the average wage,
    and here was I thinking the biggest thieves down here were MP's and NHS managers.

    Pity our RLC (?) tanker drivers didn't get that kind of kick back, if they did can you imagine the bunce the rest of the lads would be on?
    Almost as much as a Tiffy, lol
  7. Effing disgusting - greedy sods.
    How can they compare what they do, the fat, beer bellied t****s, compaired to any member of the Forces.
    Still, shows how much a HazMat ticket is worth eh?
  8. 41k a year not bad I make do with 15 F*****G T***S i cnt say any more in sodding gob smacked rant rant rant lol
  9. Unfortunately that's the way it goes. The tanker drivers have seen their company bosses award themselves ludicrous pay rises and knowing the company can afford it they wanted some too. I know of many people who drive class 1 for just above the minimum wage, some of whom have paid out of their own pocket to get their class 1.

    What happens now, if as predicted Gas prices increase by up to 40% ? Not all workers are fortunate enough to work for large record profit making companies. Family run haulage businesses cannot afford to increase wages as their profit margins - if any have been cut considerably by the fuel increases.

    Looking on the bright side they are still a long way behind the footballers who get stupid money for kicking a ball about - so goes to show it's not the old saying do well in school and get on.
  10. What is wrong with their pay award? Sure it seems excessive but Shell can probably afford it. Fair? Hell no, but who said the world was fair?

    Look at it another way. Those truck drivers earn far less than politicians but are probably far more use to society as a whole.

    EDIT to add: The tanker drivers job is probably more difficult than a politicians as well.
  11. If they get the pay rise I can see Hazmat licence holders in the Army leaving in there droves
  12. Around here Tesco pay £32K plus OT to their HGV drivers without the 20 tonne bomb behind.

    Trust me if Shell could find cheaper qualified drivers they would have done by now. Whilst I can see why some are upset I have no issues with it. Shell make Billions and have given big pay rises to their staff, so why not pay the drivers more too, or did they not contribute to the company's success?
  13. Agreed. These drivers can stop the country within days by striking. Should MPs strike (please, Lord, please...) we wouldn't notice a thing and there would be more money for everyone else.

    Useless and incompetent bastards (MPs, not tanker drivers...)!

  14. Got my class 1 (C+E) and my ADR (hazmat) ticket. One part of me is saying greedy bast63ds as high 30's in earnings a year is good apples these days for someone who (generally) went out on the road due to a lack of other qualifications years ago.

    Another part of me however is thinking that in some of the most important jobs in the land (business, health care etc) you can make a mistake and think "oopppps - I should put that right", and do so. If a tanker driver makes a mistake, either by creating a spark during a delivery or by not predicting the company car-driving tw4t who is carving them-up on the motorway - they'll never hear the boom that kills them as 33,000 litres of unleaded makes a very big hole when it blows.

    Finally, one issue I feel I should raise for the first time in this thread is that although shell makes 1.1 billion a MONTH. The increase that these drivers have just been awarded is coming out of the pockets of the companies who are sub-contracting to shell thereby avioding passing this increase to shell itself. This is a pay issue with companies such as HOYER and one or two others who sub-contract to shell and recieve a lump of the aforesaid 1.1 billion a month

    Another bottle of bubbly at the directors meeting no doubt as the crap hit the fan and shell UK have walked away from it scott-free