These Sharia fanatics seem to be savages.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by muhandis89, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. That is absolutely horrific.
  2. And there's those nutters wanting this law over here.
  3. Sorry - but there were not three (?) good Muslim men to testify she was raped (being spectators to the deed) so she was guilty of adultry according to Sharia Law. Which incidently is often made up on the spot by men, as women are such evil creatures that that even the sight of anything but their eyes and hands can drive a man insane with lust. Rapist's dream is Sharia law in the wrong hands.....

    You want to see decent Sharia Law - look at the Sharia courts in Egypt. Want to see bad Sharia Law - well you know where to look.

    Poor girl - evil men :(
  4. "In the name of Allah, the Merciful......"

    That poor girl.

    I echo DPCW: I've seen some good examples of Sharia family law in Bahrain, certainly the Child Support Agency could look to them for examples of best practise.
  5. Can I suggest we attach a large log chipper to the rear of the outrage bus?
  6. Remember to insert the object to be mulched FEET FIRST
  7. This poor child is not alone. The number of child executions for the same "offence" in Iran is appalling.

    I do not include the number of kids who are hung for murder because as far as I am concerned we should be doing the same. A few chav oinks strung up on the old HIAB and they'd soon get on message
  8. I bet she loved it! ;)
  9. But the worst of it is this. If any of the scum come to the UK we will welcome them with open arms and money. If they are ever found out, will we send them back as undesireable murdering scum? Of course not. That will be against their (sub)human rights. No we will have to be kind and show that we are so sorry that they come from a dangerous place that they did so well at screwing up.

    Not only that, the tossers currently in power here, will make sure that should they want to take to the streets demanding that we all change to their disgusting backwards religion or die, their right to do so will be protected. However, if you tell them what you think of them, for them the entire race relations industry is at their disposal (free of charge).
  10. I note that the tedious Children in Need programme is nearly upon us again. No doubt we will be "entertained" by the likes of Lenny Henry being helie'd into some festering grot-pile, doing his piece ti camera and then getting the feck out before some local slots him.
    Quite a bit of the money went to places like this last time and also in every preceding year.
    I'm sure that a lot of Arrsers have been to places like this and seen where the money really ends up and it's certainly not with the poor.
  11. What do you mean if?

    Up Standing Fellow - Not
  12. The usual comment but it seems that it counts for nothing "What about the victim's human rights?"
  13. Islam means peace...if you're a peadophile rapist. :evil:

    Still, we should'nt be surprised, given the Prophet was a kiddie-fiddler himself... :roll:
  14. In another account of the execution it says 'nurses pulled her out half way through to see if she was still alive, when they found she was the stuck her back in again and carried on. Words fail...