These "meat must be cooked rare" fascists...

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by regular_imbiber, Oct 17, 2010.

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  1. Are driving me mad and making me paranoid in equal amounts.

    Watch any cookery programme such as Masterchef and the "expert" panel are criticising meat as "overdone" when its still red,bleeding and with the whip marks from the jockey still visible.

    Fcuk me,did we not invent fire,electricity and gas just so we could heat and cook our steaks?

    Now I find myself going on the defensive when I'm in a restaurant and I'm ready for the ponce to raise his eyebrows when I tell him I want my steak "well done,pal".

    It shouldnt be like this,its what makes us apart from the chimps and the lions.

    PS You never see anyone asking for their fish "rare", so whats the fcukin difference?

    PPS Apart from the Japanese and that sushi stuff. But that doesnt count; try asking for a "rare" fish supper and see how you go.
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  2. I like beef cooked medium and if it's cooked longer it's just tougher. Then you pay, you say!
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  3. You never been to Florida then?

    I got asked how I wanted my Tuna. "Well, out of the tin would be good, dolphin friendly would be a bonus". Must have been a ******* huge tin, as the chunk they gave me was massive.
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  4. would have the flavour and texture forced out of it through liberal* use of flame and fire, would you? I take it that you've already put the Christmas sprouts on at gas Mark **** off?

    Try it 'rare' - you maybe pleasantly surprised. And, yes, I'm a 'knock it's horns off, wipe it's arse and kick it out the door' chap.

    *yes, liberal. There, I've said it and I stand foursquare behind that statement.
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  5. My old dear used to annihilate the sunday joint, when I became a chef I tried it at all cooking stages and came to the conclusion that rare is the only way it should be eaten, in some cases even bleu (fillet steak), the flavours are more intense and the meat is juicier.
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  6. I am also of the opinion of "the only way to ruin a good steak is to over cook it", but then again a crap steak will be crap no matter how it's done. The reason we developed cooking with fire was to get our meat 'warm' again, as if it had just been killed, not cold after being dragged half way across the veld back to the family.

    At the end of the day, if you are paying the bill, you have it however you want it. But, and it's a big but, if you've never tried a good rare steak and have only ever asked for 'well done', you deserve every very expensive, tough, tasteless, well done steak you order.
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  7. A good vet would get my steak back up and running....:)
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  8. I think old people have a tendency to do this as they are scared of catching worms from meat. One of the Indian GP's I work with, when he was at medical school used to insist that the servants cooked Pork curry for hours.
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  9. Sorry R I, Rare is the only way to go, though one sarky waitress asked me if i wanted a glass of blood on the side
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  10. The longer that you cook a steak the more you shrink, dry and toughen the meat. Certain types of fish contain worm and are best cooked completely, cod and haddock for example, but plenty of other fish can be eaten well cooked, medium or raw..tuna as mentioned being one. You can do anything with tuna staek that you can do with beef steak, like rare with brandy and pepper cream, or tartare.

    The secret of good steak is the hanging time of the beef. A good steak should have been hung for at the very least 3 weeks and six weeks is optimum. It should be a nice deep burgundy in colour, not ******* bright red as a lot of stupid house wives seem to want it. Then, you can literally eat it just flashed in a nice cast iron really hot pan and not a drop of blood in sight.
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  11. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Etiquette is a word develped by the rich to confound the poor, the customer is ALWAYS right in a resteraunt
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  12. Jim, I agree some people just can't stand to see pink meat.... Then it does taste better and is not as tough.
  13. Etiquette has nothing to do with how you ask for your steak though Jim, it's more to do with how you eat it. Getting stuck into sunday lunch in a carvery with your hands is not good. :)
  14. We all know that you like a bit of pink jarrod.
  15. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    The vast majority of those above are mindless adherents to the cult of Masterchef. I don't suppose any of you would ask for your chicken or pork rare?
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