These little fingerless Gloves

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bad_Crow, Apr 1, 2006.

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  1. I have seen people wearing them on Tours and exercises everywhere and never understood why they are being worn in hot climates where your hands will sweat and in freezing cold climates where the issues would be better. It may be something to do with the padding on the knuckles or something but i dont really know. So arrse i ask you:

    These little fingerless gloves, are they for walts or do they have a purpose in a soldiers world?
  2. Are you talking about the old NI style gloves ?
  3. Some say you need your fingers unhindered by gloves for weapon handling to be slick. Others, that even in warm climates, running around the bondoo, ducking and diving you'll get your hands trashed and gloved palms and knuckles are a bonus.

    I agree with the latter as sand rock, splintered wood and broken glass will do you a bit of damage after a while. I don't wear fingerless gloves 'cos they make you look silly and figure that if you can't do weapon handling with gloves on you're a flid. But what the hell do I know? If Paras think fingerless gloves and rolled up sleves are the way to go, who am I to say that they are wrong?
  4. Rolled up sleeves makes sense but these gloves have just had me wondering for a while now. If its for the gay reason of not wanting to develop "Workers Hands" like the herberts who wear them at the gym they can bog off. But i will be reading into it some more.
  5. What about the lunatic you always get that just cut's the trigger finger off,usually a keen as Mustard new bloke or a Bad Ass leary member of RECCE Platoon...
  6. Well i agree with planty. If you cant operate your weapon system with the issue gloves on you are a Total Mong and need putting down! In some case i find having my left hand gloved makes weapon handling even easier. Not that i wear one glove but you know what i mean!
  7. Bad Crow just out of intrest do you know F Cal**way ?
  8. I've seen civvies wearing them now out and about-wtf????????

    Anyway, you can wear them if you want but everyone will really be thinking.....

  9. Well, I'm just a cadet (and an air cadet at that) as as such I know bugger all about soldiering (yes unlike some other cadets here I have enough sense to realise that), but I've always prefered fingerelss gloves when we do our little cadet exercises I find that fingerless golves make life easier when you've got to do fiddly jobs like writing down orders etc. In the depths of winter I swap them for some proper gloves, but most of the time they do fine.
  10. This is true you do know bugger all about soldiering. Cheers all the same. Im thinking what is the operational use of these things though. I'm inclined to think its a waltish habit.

    Oh and Back Blast i may. Is he Anti Tanks?
  11. Isn't it to stop hands getting blistered.
    (or hide blistered hands :oops: )
  12. Well, we wear gloves for protection, from stones and thorns etc. Important for me as we do almost all out traning in the forests where most plants seem to have thorns. However, because I am from a tropical country, full gloves would be too warm. Also, We were using the M16 rifle. The trigger guard was obviously no designed for people using full gloves.
  13. In reply to Bad Crow,he's in Mortars well he was,i think he's Bn Photographer now,quite a plump bloke,possibly seen around camp in as ish trainers and Combat 95's...
  14. Don't you think that's a little design oversight or an indication to stay off the pies so your stubby fat fingers can fit where they are designed to go, no matter what the weather?
  15. Nice to know that your hands are subject to damage from thorns and stones but your fingers ar immune.