These Guys Know how to Party



Fools. Their defence should simply have been "how can I lecture my disciples on the impurity of gambling, whoring, and drinking, without gaining first hand knowledge of these things"



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I doubt the Buddha got to his size without shoving a few gallons of fighting juice down his neck every now and again.
So it wasn't just a very good fancy-dress party?......:drunken:
I'll bet it was this guy that grassed them up!:x Seems to me though that I'd heard he could drink Ollie Reed under the table. :-D

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I used to know a group of buddhists in the '80s. They were very proud of the fact that they'd been turfed out of a few restaurants for their rowdy behaviour.
Most people require 3 or 4 pints to loosen up and get into happy mode. Years of meditation and introspection had enabled these blokes to drop their inhibitions and get into well-refreshed party mode before you could take your coat off. Now that is a proper religion, a real goal to work towards.
At least the buttocks of pre-teen boys were not involved.

Catholicism, take note.

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