Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by supermark500, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. I've decided that I'd like a decent mat to kip on and I've heard people say good things about Thermarest mats. Are they the best or are they all pretty much the same? Is it better to get a fuill size one or 3/4 length? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Have a look at these

  3. Man @ Q&Ms


    Mat Sleeping Thermal Inflatable
  4. Go on tour and get issued one in your black bag.
  5. IMHO, far superior to the issue kipmat. I went for the 3/4 size and have found it ideal so long as I have something to use as a pillow, such as a half-full bergen witha jacket in it.
  6. Best Kipmat ever!
    Be aware that if punctured (Camelthorne etc) they aren't quite as good!
    3/4 is ample.
  7. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Used a 3/4 (temperate) for years. Very good. Rollamts just leave you with a cricked neck and a sh1te nights sleep.
  8. RVOps

    RVOps Sponsor

    Have a look at the Multimat Expedition Summit full length and 3/4 compact that we sell:

    More expensive than wee airic but not as expensive as some Thermarests. These have been endorsed by 2 expeds in recent years - the RM led exped to the south Pole in 2007 and the Army led Everest summit attempt.
    We have had some feedback on the website but from 2007 and would be interested in more up to date arrse user feedback.
  9. Another vote for alpkit, some good geary at very reasonable prices.
  10. Why do people insist on posting balls like man at q & m's.If he wanted the cheapest shit available he would have went to the QM dept,if people want issued kit they will no doubt get it f#@king issued!

    Edited to say ive got the full length thermarest mountain marathon one its light and packs up small, and unlike the issued cr@p it doesn't become a balloon in the heat.
  11. the issue ones are actually just OG thermarest's with the nato label on the little bag it comes in, mine says thermarest on it like the one i bought from blacks years ago unless they have changed suppliers in the last year or so since I proffed it
  12. No therm A rest are much better the issued ones turn into a big lilo after being in 35 degree heat.
  13. Perhaps because the OP might not know that he/she can get an issued one and therefore the poster (in this case even supplying the NSN) tries to prevent the wasting of valuable beer tokens?
  14. Look im not being a knob but its not like you can just rock up at the stores and say 'i want a thermarest' he wants advice on what to buy not what to get issued.
  15. Thermarest are the dogs nuts, like some law of physics defying thing that is more comfortable than something so thin should be. No, I don't have shares in thermarest.

    BUT: The 3/4 length one does only 3/4 of the job you want it to, grim when trying to sleep on a steep slope with bergen/webbing/warmkit pillows slipping about all over the place. (From personal experience).

    Hang the expense; go for the big boy.