Thermarest Mats

Does anyone know if there is a UK outlet that stocks the full range of the above product?

If not has anyone purchased direct from their US website and what is the delivery time?

Any comment on the durability of the product is also appreciated.

Got an issued one with my Telic kit, that seems pretty good considering its free, and not on my flick!!

But as far as i have seen places like Blacks, Millets etc stock them.

Good hunting

Mr_McKay said:
Any comment on the durability of the product is also appreciated.

variable imho....very comfy, but tend to fall apart after a week or three in a bush (prone to punctures etc..)

The 3/4 mat is smaller/easier to carry than the full item
Just purchased a lightweight coleman inflatable mat for £20 but the colour is a bit lary as its more of a bluey green than green Its available from Alternatively try cfi military supplies on ebay as he occasionally has the german army issue ones for about the same price.
I've got one that's lasted me for over 10m years of occasional use, including a couple of high altitude trips. The durability is fine, just check your sleeping area for sharp stones before you unroll it and carry a puncture repair kit as group kit. Job done.

Cheers Gents. Didn't get issued one for either Telic or Herrick, and I really cant face squeezing the issue one in my bergen again. I'll probably go for one of the cut-price jobbies, mainly coz I'm tight and too old to splash out!!

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