Thermarest mat things

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by crabby, Sep 17, 2006.

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  1. Anyone got any experience of them? Am considering getting one for civvy trekking. Currently using an issue rollmat I got from surplus (cheapest 4/5 season I could get), but if thermarest style mats are that much warmer and more comfortable (especially due to dodgy back) then I'd consider it. They are extra weight as well though aren't they? + expensive
  2. Are you on acid, or what?
  3. Agreed, wtf? A rollmat is heavy enough as it is (ok, not really). Before anyone suggests cutting it down I'm a wide lad and need it full width :D

    When I said trekking I do mean proper trekking, where every lb counts and your young Mr Crabby here would like a helium bergen rather than lugging round two kitchen sinks just incase one breaks
  4. Do you do much camping around Worthing?
  5. The other idea for a roll mat and a Thermarest is the roll mat under the ground sheet (to stop punctures in that too) and the Thermarest inside the tent/bivvy.

    Thermarest packs far smaller, but the puncture kit comment is not an idle one, the thermarest is nigh on f all use if punctured.

    £45 now are they? Hmmmm
  6. Check these out, I use the wee one and have had zero problems.


    I think they are only a small company though and appear to have sold out at the moment. The good news is they are British and prices include delivery. The service was next-day and included a personal delivery note when I bought mine.

    And no I don't work for them and I'm not on commission
  7. Just to back up NoshPiece - I've used Alpkit's "not quite a thermarest" for a while now and love it to bits. They're also much more efficent with respect to sales & service than Cotswolds/similar.
  8. I got a Decathlon version (Quetcha??) a few years back whilst on the continent. Very comfy, but not as 'throw your bergan around and get it dragged off the back of the transport' friendly.
  9. I have the got the issue one here but it aint got the part number on. That was in the packaging whoops will try and dig it out for you. i used the decathlon one that fas_et_gloria was going on about too. Both good bits of kit.
    Part no to follow
  10. Agree with "Fas et Gloria" the self inflating mats are prone to puncture,(Depends on usage etc) but nothing a puncture repair kit won't fix... :lol:
  11. The wife has got some militarised ones here:

    Scroll down and you will find it. Apologies for the photo, it will be re-done in the next few days.

    Apologies for the blatant plug
  12. I bought an outwell branded one from a local camping shop - it cost just under £10. It's not as gucci as a thermarest but costs a fraction so I won't be crying if it get's ripped to bits. Comes with a repair kit too and it's green so i'm a happy bunny...
  13. For the life of me i cant find that part number anywhere.
    Soz guys.
    I will post if i find it, anyone going on Ops soon will have one put in their Ops bag for deployment im sure.