Thermal Stress & Training Colour Coding

Morning All,

Taking a bunch of cadets of to SENTA in a few weeks time. I remember there being a colour coding for the Thermal Stress risk, but can't for the life of me remember the permitted types and how they marry up with the colours. Yes, I know it's in the SO's, but I've not got them with me and am preparing briefings & PPT's now (whilst I've got 5 mins!).

Can anybody give me a headsup - and/or - send a copy of any PPT's you have for this subject area before I go and reinvent any wheels?

At the moment the PPT's drawing mainly from the "Commander Guide to Fluid Intake" - with the delightful "What colour's your piss?" swatch in the back of it.



Its called the WBGT index (Wet bulb globe thermometer). The guide you are looking for is JSP 539, Climatic injuries in the Armed Forces. It is vital that in this weather, especialy concerning minors, you take all the necessary precautions. PM me if you need further info

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