Thermal base layers

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Faustic, Nov 5, 2012.

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  1. Gents

    In need of a thermal base layer as it's once again starting to get chilly so I'm looking for some recommendations. Needs to be relatively cheap but at the same time effective, for use in Brecon etc. Budget of £25 (at most) per shirt as I'll be looking to buy two.

    All suggestions appreciated.
  2. Aclima - Norsk klimaundertøy
    Maybe a little out of your budget, but you if you buy cheap then you buy twice.
    Used one of these for the last couple of years here in Norway. Mainly for alpin skiing. Also for other strenuous activities.
    Also good for fetish clubs, but thats for a different thread.
  3. Caecilius

    Caecilius LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Brinje. You look like an idiot but it's very effective. Failing that, I've got a good under armour coldgear top.
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  4. Helly Lifa crew with long sleeves comes highly recommended by me. But its more that your budget.
  5. Helly do some good base layers I agree, it de rigeur on the Scottish monroe baggers circuit!
  6. Lidl have some on offer this week no idea if they're any good.
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  7. Does it get cold in fetish clubs, then?

    Back to the tops, Sports Direct do skiing kit and also some outdoors kit. I've bought thermals there before. May be worth a look to see if they've got anything cheap.
  8. Mav

    Mav Old-Salt

    I'd recommend getting something made out of Merino wool - it may well stretch the budget... but they are toasty and do a great job of not getting smelly, meaning you can wear them for longer, which in turn means you don't need as many.
  9. There was a thread on ARRSE not too long ago detailing Aldi selling Merino tops and long johns at crazy prices ... I only managed to get a pair of lj's and they are excellent ... well for hillwalking . Certainly worth looking at their website ... nothing to be lost .
  10. Paramo for me, buy one top, they don't go smelly :) Alos extremely good at wicking etc as they are designed for strenuous sport followed by periods of inactivity..just like wot the army duz, innit.

    Having said that, Marks and Spencers do some great base layers at very good prices, but they are not really designed for strenuous work as they are quite thick.
  11. Cheers fellas, some decent suggestions there. Suppose its worth paying a bit more for a decent one at the end of the day, so may stretch the budget a bit.
  12. I picked up an Ulfrotte 200 for £5 at a closing down sale and its brilliant.

    Other than that I like Regatta X-ert stuff but it does stink after a hard day.
  13. Another one for Brynje, although you either look very sexy (like me) or like a coloumbian whore.