Thermal base layer

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by SandysOpinion, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. Was considering buying some of this kit as I am about to start in training, question being would I be allowed to wear it and what makes are best?

  2. well helly hanson lifa gear is a firm fav of most people and is good for the money. as for training you wont be aloud to wear them but if you get a half decent traing team they may let you wear them on ex as long as no one can see them . it kind of a risk we took on our final exercise.

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  3. What he said, you can also get them in Green if you shop around.
  4. would be kind of pointless buying it if they might tell me to take it off!
    I'll look into a green one maybe, hoping they might let me keep it on haha
  5. no you will use it after you pass out any way! just wear a green issued tshirt over the lifa top and lifes a good un! and even if you get cold im sure the DS will do all in there power to keep you warm... never ever admit your cold!
  6. Sounds good, dare I ask... what happens if you admit to being cold?

  7. :x :x Press up position down :x :x
  8. refrance fence line... fence line and back GO!!! and as your on your warm up run you here LAST 10 GO AGAIN!!! (really good in a section of 11!)

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  9. They actually issue thermal tops and trousers these days. No idea whether they're any good because by now we've all bought the green Lifas, which are the mutt's. As said above, whatever you wear you can always whack an issue wicking T-short on over the top. Just make sure you keep drinking; it's hard to know how quickly you're dehydrating when it's cold.
  10. Get a green lifa top and wear that..... As said, I paranoid put a t-shirt on over the top.....
  11. Gentlemen

    Might be worth trying here:

    Lifa Green Top

    We got a significant discount if purchased through our PRI.

  12. I've got a couple of black ones and one OG one, the problem is my OG one has a slight collar which can get uncomfortable in the field.
  13. The same thing that happens if you get wet, tired, hungry or thirsty, sometimes you just have to put up with it and crack on regardless.
    Soldiering is a little different to accounting.
  14. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    We've been issued the new ECW vest in theatre. It's a top bit of kit and keeps you very toasty indeed. It's just as good as a Lifa (albeit a little bit more bulky to pack down) and it's free.
  15. they trialed a load on the "Gadget Show" on channel 5 the other week including the new issue stuff it was good at keeping you cool while running about and stuff but not as good as the other civi ones at keeping you warm when standing about in the cold the AGC SM is a bit of a twat tho !