There's something strange happening with 'likes'


Posts aren't showing the correct number of 'likes/excellent' etc.

If I go to post

I see 'funnies' and 'excellents'. If I actually click on them there are also 'likes' which never appear when simply looking at the post. It seems that the post is showing a maximum of 2 different varieties even when there are more.

I noticed a similar issue a couple of days ago. Have we had a software 'upgrade' recently?


Sometimes I try and give an Excellent and it doesn't show anywhere.

Personally, I think this is outrageous. We've spent our money in good faith to join the site, and this hap....


Oh. That was just me then?


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Do you have people on ignore? That might affect what you see.
Had a look at a recent post and yes, there are anomalies.
In the example only likes and a funny show but in the expanded part there are others.


Who cares?
You can now give an “Excellent Topic” to any post rather than just the OP in that thread.

Seems rather odd.
I don’t think it is.

Unless it is intended as an excellent thread drift then it only makes sense with respect to the OP.
Does the problem apply to 'dislikes'? Asking for a friend.
I think that the first two different ratings applied to a post are the only ones which show. Which means that an unpopular poster could employ a couple of sock accounts purely to rate their own posts and obscure the majority of responses.

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