"There's no such thing as midnight in the British Army"... what does that mean?

We were told that a minute to and a minute past were ours; thankfully no mention of prayer.

Although, surely, if you've been instructed to pray, then that time isn't yours, is it? It's still filled with a task.
Not an instruction- advice. I think we all found God in those 8 weeks. :)
I did hear it was time allowed to you to go to the bog so it was your time not the Army's.

More seriously 00:00 hrs and 24:00 hrs are exactly the same time one (00:00) is normally used to signify the start of a day and the other (24:00) the end. Some prat wrote a whole ISO on it ISO 8601. Wayback Machine
Winds me up that civvies (particularly insurance companies) create policies with 0000hrs as an active / expire time.

So if a policy states it expires at 0000hrs on Monday - does this mean it is good until Sunday night, or one minute into Monday morning?

As far as I see it - 2359hrs includes every second upto 23hrs, 59mins and 59secs of that day, and 0000hrs includes every second upto 59secs after in the next day - in this instance that would be just under one minute after midnight [which doesn't actually exist ;) ] on Sunday night/ Monday morning.
Surely 00:00:01 Monday morning would be when it is no longer valid.
Are you aware of how much Vodka the average Ivan Tom could shift? We knew we had 12 hours in hand, that is why on ex Active Edge the battle wagons never turned over until 11 hours after it was called, silly.
That was only because they couldn't be started!
Nonsense, you just have to be imaginative! :cool:
I prefer criminal activity on a grander scale.

activity (which I am not admitting taking part in, or having any knowledge of) such as, but not restricted to;

'painting' a colossal cock and balls on a field in weedkiller, outlined in fertiliser

planting seeds in the shape of a penis

replacing the unit flag with a massive pair of comedy knickers

a turd appearing on the podium on Keogh Barracks drill square

Theft removal and relocation of the Rintlen rugby club door and all the silver to 3 AFA

Theft acquisition of several drinks branded fridges, tables, and parasols from the 'it's a knockout' competition (featuring several of the cast from TV's Gladiators) at 3 AFA

and so on


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Can I just say that in Recce, we were out of the gates in four hours.
Can I just say that in Recce, we were out of the gates in four hours.
Couldn't you find them?

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One of the first and only things I remember being taught by RMP before I told them where to shove their truncheons and the sun doesn't shine.
How are your piles now?
0000 hrs? ah 10 minutes free porn on Sky
It can be used as mitigation though

Many, many years ago I knew a fella very well who had just come out of a 7 year stretch for manslaughter

He killed somebody by stabbing him multiple times with a swiss army knife

After a drunken fight in the bar earlier in the night the dead man had kicked in the door of the now sleeping about to be killers accommodation

Bloke rudely awoken, slapped around a bit then piles out of bed and kills his assailant

Not murder
Defence revolved entirely around being woken and assaulted in his own room at dark o'clock whilst pissed
Court accepted it as mitigation for an otherwise excessively aggressive response
Served seven or got seven? Seems a lot

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