Theres no fool like a old fool ..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by auxie, Jul 12, 2010.

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  1. I like to congratulate this man in proving that the British spirit, for doing mad and futile gestures is alive and well. And yes he is a silly old twat.


    I'm Spartacus, and so is my wife.
  2. Probably been to the Pub for a few jars before jumping into the sea......
  3. I think he is too old to go for an "at risk survivor" class of Darwin Award as he has probably had time to reproduce and inflict his offspring on the human race.
  4. What a star.
  5. Maybe this is the answer to an aging population? Get the buggers out of the nursing homes, load them into taxis, and take them for an afternoon of tombstoning.
  6. Voluntary or compulsory?
  7. How do you Know that it was Sven/ Ashie? Or are you saying there is more than one silly old twat in Britain?
  8. It wasn't the fact he tombstoned that is the is the fact the silly old buffer belly-flopped and as a result did himself a mischief "down there"...the twunt.
  9. Daft old Bugger!
  10. He wasn't tombstoning, he went up the cliff and forgot what he was there for and went for the quick route down
  11. At that age, he wont miss his "down there" bits. Latest news from his doctor is that he'll be completely normal again once his meat and two veg migrate back down from his abdomen and back to where they should be.
  12. We did a mass lemming tombstone from the dor ,many years ago on completion of a gunnery course at lulworth, if i remember correctly there were 14 of us, well tanked up, we then retired to the "shush" embibed a few more ziders, piled into and onto one of the guys clapped out mini and tried to get it to go all the way up that fck*ing hill back to camp ,about half way it gave up the ghost,so we pushed, watched by the local plod who were quite used to the "nutters" from the gnry school. Happy Days.