There's more than one way to get ahead.....

Where am I on that pink list?
Even your run in with the RCN hasn't increased your influence. Something more drastic in time for next year's list perhaps?


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Good luck to her - I've the greatest respect for anyone who makes it to a Commission from the Ranks - and especially so in the RN and Army.

And as this is the NAAFI Bar, it's obligatory to add - yes indeed, like the fist of an angry God :)
lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender , so which one is she?
How about all 4, and yes even just for the experience and at my age you just can't be fussy any more
The poor woman obviously suffers from psychotic episodes. The article quite clearly states that she thinks that she is a 'Chair'. Still, in the world of those ill enough to self-identify as pieces of furniture it could be worse; she might think she's a closet!


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lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender , so which one is she?
I'm going with gender non-specific but possibly requiring realignment but in the mean time gayer than Christmas but still batting for the correct side due to the gender issues . . . . or in simple terms, she's a girl who should be a boy, but likes girls anyway, but if she was a boy, she'd like boys too, but she's not fussy, as long as neither has a moustache.
Well done on the commission - even better to have served from at least 1997 (QGJM) and managed to avoid any campaign service. Bar of course the campaign for LGBT (isn't that a sandwich? Oh that's a horrible image!) rights of course.

Edited to add: Sorry, since 1986! Spokesperson in Bosnia? She's a bit butcher than Gary Coward, I'll give her that.
"Prime Minister David Cameron recently declared 'The Pink List 2010' to be both 'a celebration and a challenge'. "

Is it a challenge to do the whole list
If I was still serving and I found out that she was posted to the same unit, I would remove my stripes and report to MCTC because there is no way I could stop myself from taking the piss and she does not look like she takes prisoners.
If she enlisted in 1986 and was a dyke, surely under military law then that was an offence? It would of course be invidious to see a retrospective court-martialling and discharge but it is a beautiful thought. I thuink Commander MacBain ought perhaps to consider what she has achieved for herself during her service and what she has actually achieved for the Armed Forces. As a hint, making it a lovely place for the LGBT community is not the sort of thing that should go on the second list...
So, Hobbits are on the Pink List now are they? Take that Sauron and your poorly organised but sexually-orientated hordes.

I love the way politicians always use flamboyant language as soon as the gender and sexual orientation issue comes up.

'It's a celebration!' minced Cameron, realising that he was losing the audience by not wearing chaps and a cowboy hat.
Cuddles has hit the nail on the head. She has served 24 years during the busiest time for HM Forces since the 50's and all she is showing is the Battle of the Jubilee gong. This would suggest to me, rightly or wrongly, that she has not been put anywhere where she could screw up. i bet she has a lot of 'commendations' from higher up tho'. Like Cuddles said, surely her services to the LGBT community should be an aside to her Navy career, not the focus of it. BTW, if a straight person applied for the chair of this organisation and didn't get the post, could they claim discrimination?

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