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There's been a murder!

Let's imagine someone kills his wife.
He calls plod to confess.They arrive and take him away.100% clear up record.
What happens next? Not so much about him,but her and the house.The dog and the two cats.What happens about selling the house or dealing with the credit card bills and the utility companies?
Are the relatives supposed to deal with it or does plod have a "Dealing with the aftermath of a murder unit"?
If he's next of kin then a power of attorney might do it. if he won't sign I think a judge can order a power of attourney. you'll have to ask one of those lawyery bastdards that though.
This a tricky one that RMP would not like to be involved in, "no one to stitch up here, move along"( tongue in cheek from other thread.
You have just described my retirement plan vvvaaannnmmmaaannn, and highlighted an issue I hadn't considered, so thankyou. I think I'll get a PoA drawn up first, or maybe sell the house and go and spunk the money before handing myself in.


Her relatives would sort it out I assume. There's companies around who'll clean up the scene once the body snatchers have removed the remains. Are you planning a grisly shotgun murder or a run of the mill strangulation?
It depends. Tenancies only pass down once in the council.

I suggest going out in a blaze of glory. How many would bite the dust if a trained sniper went postal. Whenever i hear about a ryan or bird i am dismayed. That norwiegian did the job properly.my list is growing by the day

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