Theres a very brave girl...

... looking for your help. Step up lads, because having spoken to her dad, it's not the amount given that is giving her the pleasure it's the fact that someone gave...

So, you have the ability to give some satisfaction to a child that, in the same situation, you would really want your child to be like.

>>>Give Generously Here<<<
Bumpitty bump.......

Edited to add, for those of you who haven't heard, this is Sittingstress's daughter and she deserves our support.

Christ knows we hear enough people whinging over nothing - this lass has taken it on the chin and is getting on with it in her own style.
Bump! Pay day in just over a week, so will send funds when I can mate.


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I'll get some on the way aswell


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How do we send funds ?
cant afford to pay up but i really wish i could
futurebootie said:
cant afford to pay up but i really wish i could
Send a litre of arterial blood?
Well if your going to pay for it.... :D im dead broke
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