Theres a turn up for the books!

It's nice to see a victory for the silent majority.

Mate of mines sub contracts on the railways won a case against an indian guy who wanted to be paid not to work his religious day by pointing out that if he was practicing christian he wouldn't expect to get paid sundays.
Isn't it time that this Labour cronie Ian Blair was made to resign as head of the Met, if he had said he wanted an ethnic officer to be "hung out to dry" he wouldn't have lasted five minutes, plus after his little intervention in the run up to the election he has proved to be TB's poodle.
That scrote Blair....... a political appointment and a twat

Met Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair has criticised an employment tribunal in which three white officers won a claim of race and sex discrimination.
He said he was disappointed he had been accused of leaving the men "hanging out to dry" over the allegations in 1999.

Det Con Tom Hassell, Det Insp Paul Whatmore and Det Sgt Colin Lockwood were awarded a total of £90,000.

Sir Ian said the Met was considering appealing and that racist behaviour would not be tolerated.

The tribunal concluded he had influenced proceedings against the officers and treated them unfavourably following the 1999 Macpherson inquiry into the Stephen Lawrence murder that accused the force of being "institutionally racist".

'Grave matter'

The officers won their case at an employment tribunal in east London on Monday.

A complaint was made after Mr Hassell mispronounced "Shi'ites", referred to Muslim headwear as "tea cosies" and said he felt sorry for anyone fasting during Ramadan, at the presentation in 1999.

Det Sgt Shabnam Chaudhri, who made the complaint, also criticised the other two officers for not taking appropriate action.

Two of the officers were suspended for several weeks and one was signed off for three weeks suffering from depression.

Not for turning

When they appealed against the hearing's result, Britain's most senior Asian officer, Asst Commissioner Tariq Ghaffur, cleared the men saying it was incredible that the case had been brought.

Addressing the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) on Thursday, Sir Ian said he said he was "concerned" the panel had criticised Det Sgt Chaudhri and appeared to question the veracity of her account - even though she had not given evidence in person.

Sir Ian said he intended to write to the president of the tribunal service to take up this "grave matter".

He also said the "gratuitous, anti-Semitic and Islamaphobic" remarks, which prompted her complaint, had never been denied.

There was no place for those sentiments in the Met, he said.

Sir Ian said the Met was not for turning from its mission to educate its officers about diversity and said it was a necessity for effective policing in the capital.

He added: "Officers who are proved to have said it must expect discipline to follow, and supervisors who fail to challenge it must expect discipline to follow."

More cases like this please.....a bit f justice
Remember the former head ? of the Campaign For Racial Equality?.

He was some chap with a commonwealth name who was supporting England (not) against Pakistan at the Oval. As everyone was leaving and stewards/police were trying to get everyone out without grief and/or straying onto pitch said CRE bloke (who had had a couple) was abusive until threatened with arrest.

"You wait till I tell Mr Blair!" was his response, and more shoving. Arrested, charged, resigned office.

The speculation at the time was that he meant Tony, but it was covered up as being Ian (then Deputy Commissioner?). Given this latest, maybe it really was Ian after all.

Vote Tebbit - semi-housetrained polecats of the world unite. (thinks, arrseonia update to follow)
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