There's a New Star In Heaven Tonight.........

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by filthyphil, Sep 14, 2011.

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  1. Bit of a short story isnt it?
  2. I Googled and found this classic line:

    "It was all because an observant production assistant on the set of Hi-Ho Hi-Ho, It’s Up Your Arse We Go had noticed how much Foster looked like celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay"
    Percy Foster | The REAL Steve Gray
  3. Good thing we don't have badgers here. Especially if their diet consists of dwarf porn stars.

    Suicide? By badger? What a way to go!
  4. Maybe 'badger' is slang for some perversion that we can't even imagine. It might be some sort of underground cult, arf arf *creeps away*
  5. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Serious contender for HEadline of the Year, surely?

    Top quote as well:

    "Porn lookalikes get more money than normal actors. Dwarf lookalikes are as rare as hen's teeth and so can command top dollar.

    "I've already ordered a new BMW and a diamond-encrusted Soda Stream."

    So aspirational...
  6. Outstanding!

    I thought the thread was surely a reference to the supernova which can currently be seen in the night sky close to the constellation ursa major.

    But no - wait, it's a lookalike dwarf porn thread and it has to be the most bizarre thing I've read in ages. Certainly brightened my day - well done all concerned!