"Theres a hole in my budget" - Dame Eliza

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by frenchperson, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. He values them and wants to fund the increasing workload

  2. He is buying their silence

  3. He wants to be a spy when he grows up

  1. Tony Blair 'agrees' with MI5 that Britain faces a threat from 'multiple terror plots'.

    I often wonder what MI5 have on Tony Blair to compel him to agree with this sort of nonsense. If I was cynical, I might suspect that they have in their possession a particularly naughty titbit, that if revealed, could leave the man's career and reputation in tatters. Is this why our troops are in Iraq? Is this the reason for the political somersaults he's been performing throughout his time as an mp, then pm? People are left to wonder what it is that compels him and pushes him ever onward - away from the old vaguely socialist ideology that got him elected and further down the path towards neo-fascism.

  2. Is it Frenchperson is a fcuking bellwhiff? It would fit if I wrote really small.
  3. Is this a serious debate or just a slagging match!
  4. The guru,
    you are a slow learner aren't you?
    The jig is up son. you are all coming home soon hopefully with no more injury than egg all over your f'ucking ugly mush.

    F'ucks sake, you are supposed to be a soldier, recce, recce, recce.
    Look at the news coming from America.
    Caesar's about to cop it on the senate steps. Now either grab yourself a knife and join in the fun or you will end up stranded high and dry like a total f'ucking plonker

    Your services as loyal foot soldier will soon be not required so don't have a go at the frog, start having a go at the civvy shits that led you up this unholy garden path in the first place.

    And for f'ucks sake will you please start to see who is really on the side of the British Army.

    If George cops it he will try and take Blair down with him you can bet.
    87 f'ucking % of Americans in a MSNBC online poll want the chimp impeached!

    Times they are a changin', son, times they are a changin'
  5. Hmmm, I wonder what we need to do to ensure that George cops it :)

    ...Where did I put my coat?
  6. Or, I'm just guessing here, he actually believes what the government experts they employ to deal with the issue are telling him is happening? But no, that couldn't possibly be it. It's obviously got to be part of some massive shady cabal out to secretly rule the country through threats and blackmail. :roll:
  7. Brick,
    would those be the same 'experts' that told him there was WMD in Iraq then?
    Or the 'experts' that shot dead a Brazilian who wasn't wearing explosives but was wearing a crucifix around his neck?
    Or the 'experts' that raided a house in Forest hill due to the false impression that a terrorist was going to hit the public with an exploding suicide fart suit or some such?

    'Expert texpert choking smoker don't you think the joker laughs at you?'

    The terrorist threat is played up to fool a gullible public into continually supporting the increasing indefensible and idiotic military missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  8. Whatever the root causes, the fact is that there is a threat.

    Doubtless if (when) there is another successful terrorist attack in Central London, Frenchperson, SLRboy and the rest will be able to 'prove' that it was not disaffected Muslims but the combined forces of MI5/MI6/GCHQ/UKSF/the Met/etc conspiring to wring a budget increase from the PM of the day.

    That will be in between condemming all concerned for their failure to protect us.

    If Bullying-Manner wants a few more quid, fine by me.

  9. Have you actually read Frenchies post????? He is implying that the only reason we are in Iraq is because Bliar is an MI5 puppet and Thames House are running foreign policy. It is a stupid rant. Now, take your finger, drag it along the screen and read again....
  10. Mussels, when was the last, or come to think of it, the first time a arab jonnie tried to part your hair with lead on home soil then?

    The 'threat' is all bollox. After what we have done to them over the past few years if they had really constituted a threat there would be attacks in Britain all over the place.
    But there isn't is there?

    And don't say it is because the security services are doing a good job , they didn't keep out the I.R.A. did they?

    If we stop hitting them then we don't have to keep fearing that they might hit us.
    Stalin once asked "How many legions does the pope have?"

    Well, ask yourself how many legions do the Jihadists have?

    They are disorganised amongst themselves. They constitute no threat to us at all. The threat is a manufactured one to substitute for the one missing since the downfall of the soviets.

    However it does put a handy bit of business the way of the security industry doesn't it?
  11. SLR Boy you are as small-minded as Frenchperson, who, if my recollection is correct has been a dick throughout his ARRSE career so far. You are probably affronted by this because you are no doubt Frenchperson's alternate identity...

    The original point was pretty thin and I hate Bliar as much as the next man, woman or in this case soldier!
  12. if MI5 or the military were running forign policy we'd be invading small barely defended countries with pleasnat weather costa rica springs to mind bonus is they don't have an army.
    equatorial guinea weathers no doubt shite but oil rich and even the UK could'nt be as bad as the barstards who are in charge at the mo :twisted:
  13. OMG. You are a fcuking idiot.
  14. Perhaps a few figures might help.
    There's been 1885 days since 9/11 and the beginning of the
    'War on Terror'.

    During that time on the 7.7.05. 52 people have been killed by terrorism on the British mainland.
    That means British residents have been dying at the rate of 0.02758
    per day. Which I think translates at around a quarter of a 100th part of a person a day.

    I can only imagine what Winnie and the people who lived through the Blitz would think of that then.
    Fact is I can see their ghosts coming towards us, rolling their sleeves up to give us a right good clip round the ear hole all the while yelling
    "Kids today, they don't know they are born, call that a threat, you don't know the half of it!"
  15. We also can't be sure exactly what happened on 7/7 until we get an independent public inquiry. Blair feels an inquiry would 'divert police and security service resources'. So in its place, we've got a government-led, one-sided 'narrative' of events.


    Now that he's offering to take the strain off those security service resources, and promising to fill Dame Eliza's hole, perhaps it's time to have that independent public inquiry??